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A selection of more than 200 manufacturers among the most prestigious and innovative on the market, aiming to offer the best quality at the best price.
We are the only company on the market that has such a wide range of partners, for a total of 6000 different items, all in stock.
AgriEuro offers the full range of products of each manufacturer; from high-rank models for the most demanding professionals to the most affordable products for DIY enthusiasts.
This is what sets AgriEuro apart from web competitors and the numerous DIY and gardening chains.
The general strategy is to save on quality at the expense of professional and high-quality equipment, attracting customers with cheap prices. This happens because the sellers have no interest whatsoever in providing after sales assistance if the customer needs it, leaving the problem to them.
Instead, AgriEuro will assist you throghout the entire product life, which is an environmentally-friendly and money-saving method.
120 categories divided by brand. Prompt delivery and exclusive price. Products range from top-quality ones downwards, consistent with our focus on researching and offering quality products.