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Our range 2024 of BullMach with 213 models available and offered for sale from € 13.26 , in Prompt Delivery and Free shipping. Purchase directly from AgriEuro with no third parties nor unwanted surpreses: compared to the other online markets, who rely on third dealers (it means no assistance nor warranty), we offer Direct and Complete Assistance, which starts from pre-sales service up to after-sales assistance. The items are directly shipped from our AgriEuro distribution centre. Thus, we are the only online seller providing After-Sales Assistance for the BullMach products and supplying Spare Parts (you access the exploded drawing once entered your Account).

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BullMach, Innovation and Reliability in the Agricultural Machinery Sector

BullMach is a renowned brand in the field of agricultural machinery, specializing in the production of cutting-edge equipment to meet the needs of modern agriculture. Founded with the aim of offering innovative and reliable solutions to optimize agricultural operations, BULLMACH stands out for its constant pursuit of excellence in product quality and construction precision.

Thanks to a team of highly qualified experts and engineers, the brand excels in introducing advanced systems that optimize the efficiency and productivity of agricultural equipment.

In addition to product quality, the brand is known for its top-notch customer support, providing specialized technical assistance and reliable after-sales services. With a strong customer-oriented culture, BULLMACH is committed to meeting the needs of its customers, ensuring them a comprehensive and satisfying purchasing experience.

Discover BullMach's catalog on AgriEuro:

  • Generators: devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. They provide electricity in emergency situations or in places where stable electrical power is not available, such as during camping or at construction sites.

  • Hot Air Generators: systems that produce hot air for heating environments or for industrial applications. They use fuels such as diesel or electricity to generate heat, which is then transferred to the air and distributed through appropriate ducts

  • Garden Shredders: machines used to shred and mulch organic materials such as branches, leaves, and plant residues. Ideal for preparing compost or reducing the volume of green waste in gardens and green areas.

  • Lawn Mowers: motorized devices used to cut and maintain grass in gardens, parks, or green areas. Available in various sizes and types, including push, self-propelled, and robotic models, they offer an efficient solution for lawn care.

  • Tractor mounted Flail Mowers: equipment mounted on agricultural tractors used to shred and cut grass, bushes, and small trees. Essential for land clearing, road maintenance, and green area management.

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