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Ceccato Olindo

Ceccato Olindo, high-quality production

Ceccato Olindo is an Italian company that manufactures top-quality agricultural tools for professionals, farmers and private individuals who are particularly demanding in terms of quality and performance.

The brand is the result of the entrepreneurial commitment of the Ceccato family, whose activities began at the end of the nineteenth century. In the many decades to come, the company has acquired unrivalled experience in the manufacture of agricultural, forestry and gardening machinery. This know-how has led to the design of highly professional products to meet every possible need.

All the processing steps of the products are carried out in the large Ceccato Olindo business complex. The structure is divided into two large plants of 5.000 m² located in the city of Arsego, along the provincial road. With its strong and deep-rooted local presence, over the years Ceccato Olindo has built up a renowned reputation throughout Europe.

Discover Ceccato Olindo's catalog on AgriEuro:

  • Garden Shredders | Wood Chippers: with a range of over 10 models, Ceccato Olindo garden shredders are probably the best machines on the market. Built with the best materials and with Made in Italy craftsmanship, they are heavy-duty products designed for intensive use. The engines fitted in the garden shredders are also the best on the market. Indeed, Ceccato Olindo entrusts the motorisation to Honda, a leading company in the production of engines.

  • Log Splitters: over 20 models made primarily for professionals, with highly reliable and powerful machines. There are many details that make Ceccato Olindo professional log splitters stand out from all other similar machines on the market: use of the best materials, with thick steels and super-resistant coatings, very high thrust power, careful construction of the hydraulic circuit with the use of the best materials, reinforced distributor, external oil filter and an excellent balance.

  • Electric Grain Mills: ideal tools for the production of flours suitable for animal use. Also for these products, Ceccato Olindo stands out for its great constructive care and for the use of the best materials.

  • Wood Pellet Machines: these machines allow to recycle the wood chips produced by the garden shredder or other sources in an extremely profitable way, producing an excellent wood pellet. Entirely Made in Italy and with a excellent constructive quality in terms of structure and details, these machines are simple to use and are equipped with a large number of protections that make their use extremely safe.

  • Tractor Mounted Flail Mowers: is the classic tool used by all farmers and hobby users to remove wild herbs, plant debris and brambles from fields, olive groves or vineyards. This tractor-mounted tool is characterised by its efficiency in cutting and shredding all types of shrubs, even those deeply rooted in the ground, resulting in a clean and homogeneous soil.

Tractor Mounted Flai Mower CECCATO OLINDO Garden Shredders | Wood Chippers CECCATO OLIDNOLog Splitter CECCATO OLINDO