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Di Martino

Di Martino, all-Italian quality

Di Martino is an Italian company which has always focused on innovation and research for increasingly cutting-edge materials and solutions. Designed and manufactured in Italy, in the two Italian factories located in Borso del Grappa (TV) and Mussolente (VI), all Di Martino’s products are the result of an unstoppable evolution that has led a small Venetian laboratory to transform itself into a large industrial reality.

The company specialises in manufacturing equipment for spraying treatments, such as the knapsack dusters, sprayer pumps and sulphur sprayers. These products are currently exported by the brand to over 80 countries.

These tools are built with high quality standards, in full respect of the environment and are suitable for both hobby and professional use. Moreover, thanks to the experience gained over the years, Di Martino products today combine design innovative functionality, strength and comfort.

The brand is also constantly researching new technologies in order to offer the best tools to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Discover Di Martino's catalog on AgriEuro:

  • Sprayer Pumps: they are designed to evenly and accurately distribute liquids on agricultural fields and in gardens. Equipped with powerful motors and high-quality pumps, these sprayers allow for quick and efficient coverage of large areas, ensuring uniform distribution of chemical products. With adequate capacity tanks and ergonomic design, DI MARTINO sprayers offer a comfortable and reliable user experience.

  • Sulphur Sprayers: they are designed for the application of phytosanitary products in the form of wettable powders or liquid solutions. With sturdy structures and high-quality components, these sulfurizers allow for precise and controlled application of treatments on crops, ensuring effective protection against diseases and harmful insects. Thanks to their ergonomic features and ease of use, DI MARTINO sulfurizers are suitable for both professional and domestic gardening applications.

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