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Campingaz, gas grills and innovative systems

The history of Campingaz began back in 1949, when three engineering friends from the city of Lyon set out on a family camping holiday, during which they noticed the lack of portable cooking equipment. With mandatory work holidays now being offered by employers in France, they decided there was sure to be a demand for this kind of equipment.

The trio immediately set out to create a simple, yet revolutionary innovation: the first portable energy solution, a small, blue, portable and refillable gas cylinder that could be used to feed a small cooker. Word of the company’s portable cooking solutions started to spread beyond France and the iconic blue gas cylinders quickly became popular throughout Europe, achieving a success that endures to this day.

Later in 1952, the company also began developing and marketing stoves and cooking tools. Gabriel Corlet, André Colomb and René Sillon founded Campingaz, a pioneer in creating the first portable cooking solution.

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  • Barbecue: represent the ideal solution for barbecue enthusiasts who want to enjoy tasty outdoor meals with friends and family. Thanks to their reliability and versatility, Campingaz barbecues offer superior performance and a stress-free cooking experience. Equipped with quick ignition systems and non-stick cooking grates, these barbecues allow you to prepare a wide range of dishes, from classic hamburgers to more elaborate grills, with ease and precision. Their sturdy and durable structure ensures long-term durability and easy cleaning after use. With additional features such as integrated thermometers and gas cooking systems, Campingaz barbecues are the perfect choice for those seeking a complete and satisfying outdoor barbecue experience.

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