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Our range 2024 of Campagnola with 165 models available and offered for sale from € 6.53 , in Prompt Delivery and Free shipping. Purchase directly from AgriEuro with no third parties nor unwanted surpreses: compared to the other online markets, who rely on third dealers (it means no assistance nor warranty), we offer Direct and Complete Assistance, which starts from pre-sales service up to after-sales assistance. The items are directly shipped from our AgriEuro distribution centre. Thus, we are the only online seller providing After-Sales Assistance for the Campagnola products and supplying Spare Parts (you access the exploded drawing once entered your Account).

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Campagnola, Made in Italy since 1958

"It is precisely nature that inspires us to value the experience gathered yesterday, in order to imagine today what will be essential tomorrow, because we are committed every day to making a difference."

With these words Vittorio Ferretti, founder of Campagnola, identified the mission that would guide the brand in the years to come.

Campagnola is now one of the world leaders in the design and production of pneumatic and electric systems for pruning and easy harvesting. The credit for this success lies primarily in the skills and know-how built in over 60 years of experience. Research has always been one of the pillars of Campagnola: thanks to the experienced and dynamic technical staff, constantly committed to the development of new cutting-edge equipment.

Campagnola is able to offer the best in terms of products and technical-commercial solutions, standing out for quality, reliability and respect for the environment, building its growth on the most important resources: people.

The production, entirely Made in Italy, aims to guarantee high quality and reliability over time. The company stands out as a dynamic and reactive group, always future-oriented to meet the expectations and anticipate the needs of customers, offering the best in terms of products and technical-commercial solutions.

Discover Campagnola's catalog on AgriEuro:

  • Olive Harvesters and Shakers: Campagnola Olive Harvesters are ergonomic and powerful devices designed for efficient harvesting of olives and other drupes. Equipped with advanced features such as speed adjustment and non-slip handles, they simplify the harvesting process.

  • Air Compressors for Olive Harvesting: Campagnola engine-driven compressors are robust and reliable machines designed for a wide range of applications, from spraying operations to compressed air supply. Thanks to their powerful engine and sturdy construction, they ensure optimal performance in any contex

  • Electric Battery Powered Pruning Shears: Campagnola battery-powered electric shears offer a convenient and cordless solution for cutting shrubs, hedges, and branches. With rechargeable high-capacity batteries and sharp blades, they enable precise and effortless work

  • Pneumatic Pruning Shears: Campagnola pneumatic shears are designed for professional and intensive use in cutting dense and woody vegetation. Powered by air compressors, they offer constant power and superior precision for pruning and thinning operations

  • Pruners: Campagnola pruners are essential tools for pruning trees and shrubs, offering precision and control during the operation. With sharp blades and advanced cutting mechanisms, they allow for clean and professional results in any situation

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