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Our range 2024 of Comet with 228 models available and offered for sale from € 9.53 , in Prompt Delivery and Free shipping. Purchase directly from AgriEuro with no third parties nor unwanted surpreses: compared to the other online markets, who rely on third dealers (it means no assistance nor warranty), we offer Direct and Complete Assistance, which starts from pre-sales service up to after-sales assistance. The items are directly shipped from our AgriEuro distribution centre. Thus, we are the only online seller providing After-Sales Assistance for the Comet products and supplying Spare Parts (you access the exploded drawing once entered your Account).

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Comet S.p.A, Italian industrial tradition

Comet is one of the most comprehensive companies in the world in the field of water pumps. In particular, the leadership is closely linked to the flexibility of the offer, which allows the brand to cover all its markets.
Today Comet achieves most of its turnover on foreign markets, operating in over 80 countries worldwide thanks to its three production units and commercial branches, as well as various subsidiaries and a widespread network of distributors.

In fact, Comet is one of the few companies capable of emerging as a leading manufacturer of:

  • Components: with its various lines of diaphragm and piston pumps for the agricultural and industrial sector;
  • Finished products: thanks to a complete range of products for the entire cleaning sector, ranging from compact pressure washers for domestic use, up to large industrial plants;

In the field of agricultural machinery, COMET has always been recognised for its excellence in quality. Comet S.p.A is a world leader in the spraying and weeding machines sector. A leading role built in over 50 years of experience, consolidated by a relentless push for innovation and for the development of new products, with the aim of satisfying the needs of its customers. The company holds the ownership of numerous patents for important technological innovations, which guarantee its productions a fundamental competitive advantage over all its competitors.

Discover Comet's catalog on AgriEuro:

  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners: are designed to offer maximum power and efficiency in cleaning both domestic and commercial environments. Equipped with powerful motors and advanced filtration systems, these vacuum cleaners ensure deep and thorough cleaning. With generous collection capacities and specialized accessories, they can tackle a wide range of surfaces and residues, from liquids to solid debris. Ideal for cleaning floors, carpets, upholstery, and more.

  • Pressure Washers: provide high performance for cleaning outdoor surfaces, vehicles, and equipment. With powerful motors and high-pressure pumps, these pressure washers effortlessly remove stubborn dirt and deposits. Equipped with various wands and nozzles, they allow adjusting the pressure and water flow according to specific cleaning needs. Robust and reliable, COMET pressure washers are ideal for both domestic and professional use.

  • Floor Scrubber Dryers: are designed to offer efficient and fast cleaning of hard floors and smooth surfaces. Equipped with rotating or roller brushing systems, these floor scrubbers easily eliminate dirt, stains, and deposits. With separate tanks for clean and dirty water, they ensure residue-free washing and quick drying. Ideal for cleaning tiled floors, linoleum, concrete, and more.

  • Sprayer Pumps: are designed to offer reliability and consistent performance in distributing liquids for irrigation, herbicides, or other agricultural and industrial purposes. With high-quality materials and advanced technologies, these pumps ensure uniform and precise distribution of liquids, reducing waste and optimizing efficiency. With a range of models and capacities, COMET irrigation pumps can meet a wide range of application needs.

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