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Greenery cutting, trimming and maintenance
A showcase with over 500 pieces of equipment to help you look after your garden, parks and vast green areas, whether you are a hobbyist or a pro at gardening from hobby up to professional use. It is essential to distinguish between the first three categories (ride on mowers, lawn mowers and robot lawn mowers), which are best suited for well-maintained and leveled lawns, and the other three product categories (brush cutters, flail mowers and scythe mowers), which are suitable for rough and uncultivated areas that are more difficult to work.
Ride on Mowers
Lawn Mowers
Robot lawn mowers
Brush cutters - Strimmers
Rough cut mowers
Scythe mowers
Lawn scarifiers & rakers
Flail mowers
Reversible flail mowers
Side flail mower with arm
Tractor mounted rotary slasher
Tractor mounted lawn mower
Wood cutting and processing
We offer everything you need for woodworking and wood processing: engine-driven chainsaws and electric chainsaws are suitable for general cutting operations (tree logging, pruning and limbing operations), band saws are ideal for chipping wood, logs and branches, log splitters for splitting wood for combustion. Thus, a selection of garden shredders, ideal to reduce garden waste in chippings and dispose of it, make compost or use for different purposes. Ultimately, our category of pallet machines to further reduce shreddings and chippings in pellet for heating.
Log Splitters
Band saws
Electric chainsaws
Garden Shredders
Wood pellet machines
Pruning treatments
The hedge trimmers included in this category are the only pruning tools among the gardening equipment as all the other professional petrol and battery-powered models belong to the agricultural field. Moreover, a wide range of electric and pneumatic shears designed to cut small-medium branches: battery-powered secateurs, ideal for all those demaning pruning operations; pneumatic shears, intended to be matched with petrol and tractor-mounted air compressors. Finally, our selection of manual pruners and secateurs on extension poles for pruning tasks from the ground.
Hedge trimmers
Pole chainsaws
Electric secateurs
Pneumatic Pruning Secateurs
Pruners and Secateurs
Extendable pruning saws
Olive harvesting
The widest selection of olive harvesting equipment on the market. The battery-powered olive harvesters are the best-selling models thanks to the technology, ease of use (it is sufficient to equip the machine with a car battery), manageability of some of the models provided. The pneumatic olive harvesters are also particularly renowned among our product range. They are matched with engine-driven or tractor-mounted compressors and they are known to be particularly reliable and lightweight. Thus, the pneumatic system allows pruning operations by means of the same compressor.
Olive harvesters
Engine driven air compressors
PTO compressors
Leaf Removers
Harvest crate and nets
Soil tilling and land care
The widest selection of soil tilling machinery and land care equipment, machines to help you prepare seedbeds, seed the land and plant, humidification and soil aerating tools, weed control and eradication equipment etc. Considering two among our large selection of land care equipment, garder tillers are designed for a more universal use on harder and more difficult-to-work soils (heavy-duty models), while the two-wheel tractors provided stand out for the high-quality soil tilling treatments.
Garden Tillers
Two Wheel Tractors
Post hole borers
Rotary tillers
Spring loaded tiller - cultivator
Tractor ploughs
Tractor rippers
Tooth Harrow
Tractor Transport Boxes and Loader Buckets
Tractor mounted land levelers
Tractor rollers
Seeders and compost spreaders
Rolling Harrows
Indoor cleaning and maintenance
Besides our selection of more than 200 pressure washer models (ranging from regular electric pressure washers or boiler electric machines to petrol engine pressure washers, which are ideal forin case of low power supply). Moreover, we also offer indoor cleaning equipment such as floor cleaners and can vacuum cleaners, which are perfect for car and household cleaning treatments. Finally, vacuum cleaners, electric brooms and steem cleaners specifically designed for household chores.
Cold water pressure washers
Hot water pressure washers
Petrol pressure washers
Floor Scrubber Dryers
Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners - Steam cleaners
Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities
The widest equipment selection on the market, available in prompt delivery, offering tools for hobby use or DIY work and for professional workshops or building companies. We are leaders in Europe as far as these categories go thanks to our know-how and service quality and the only online seller giving the possibility to our customers to access to our spare part and accessory areas and purchase spare parts, also ensuring high-quality after-sales service.
Air Compressors
Hot Air Generators
Power barrows
Welding equipment
Battery Chargers
Plasma Cutters
Hand pallet trucks - transpallets
Spraying treatments and weeding
Over 200 treatment machines for all kinds of tasks, from spraying to weeding. Firstly, professional spray pumps (electric, battery-powered, petrol or tractor-mounted equipment), which may come complete with spray hose, wheel kit and tank. Thus, small knapsack sprayer pumps for hobby use. As regards the tractor mounted units, they are designed for more demanging jobs requiring high performances. We also provide a range of knapsack or tractor mounted mist blowers, which stand out for excellent spraying treatments with low liquid consumptions. Moreover, a selection of sulphur dusters, specific for sulphur spreading treatments on vineyards.
Knapsack sprayers
Trolley sprayer pump
Wheelbarrow Sprayer pump with tank
Wheelbarrow Sprayer pump with hose reel
Spraying pump with tow hook
Spot sprayer pumps with tanks
Spraying pumps
Spark ignition engine knapsack sprayers
Mist Blowers
Mounted Sprayers
Sulphur dusters
Kitchen work and food processing
Nearly all of the products we have selected are mid and high end and this goes for any item: ovens, barbecues, dough mixers, vacuum sealers, meat slicers, meat ginders, etc. A range of guaranteed-quality selected tools specifically designed to suit the operator's requirements. We provide a selected product range with our skill and after-sales service.
Spiral dough mixers
Vacuum food sealers
Meat Slicers
Bone bandsaw
Tomato presses - Sauce makers
Meat Grinders - Meat Mincers
Sausage stuffers
Pasta Makers
Electric cheese graters
Flour and grain mills
Grinding mills
Outdoor cleaning and maintenance
Leaf blowers, garden vacuums, snow blowers and snow ploughs are essential if you want to keep any outdoor space like narrow roads, doorways, lawns and paths clean and accessible. The first two categories, leaf blowers and garden vacuums, specifically used in autumn, are ideal to remove leaves from your private outdoor areas. Snow blowers and snow plough are mostly used during winter for clearing snow from different outdoor areas. Power brushes were designed for universal use, but they are perfect for leaves and snow.
Leaf Blowers - Garden Vacuums
Wheeled Leaf Vacuums - Spark ignition engines
Walk Behind Sweepers - Power Brushes
Snow blowers
Multi-purpose snow ploughs
Wine making, filtering and transferring
Our selection covers the main winemaking tools, such as grape crusher-destemmers and winepresses. We also offer filtering devices, transferring and bottle filling machines. A number of the models provided are suitable not only for wine filtering, but they are also ideal for oil and other types of liquid foodstuffs filtering and bottle filling.
Grape destemmers and crushers
Wine presses
Wine and oil filters
Transfer pumps
Filling machines
Outdoor cooking
Our best outdoor cooking supplies: over 50 bbq models (wood, charcoal and gas barbecues) and more than 30 wood-fired ovens, both outdoor and built-in versions.
Grills and barbecues
Wood fired ovens
Irrigation treatments
More than 40 models of petrol and tractor-mounted water pumps for irrigation treatments
Electric garden and house pumps
Electric submersible drainage pumps
Tractor Mounted Water Pumps
Water Pumps