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Our range 2020 of Lavor with 92 models available and offered for sale from 2,95 € , in Prompt Delivery and Free shipping. Purchase directly from AgriEuro with no third parties nor unwanted surpreses: compared to the other online markets, who rely on third dealers (it means no assistance nor warranty), we offer Direct and Complete Assistance, which starts from pre-sales service up to after-sales assistance. The items are directly shipped from our AgriEuro distribution centre. Thus, we are the only online seller providing After-Sales Assistance for the Lavor products and supplying Spare Parts (you access the exploded drawing once entered your Account).

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In this category, the whole range of Lavor products, the leading company born in 1975 and known worldwide since 35 years as one of the best International manufacturers of high-technology cleaning machinery suitable for any kind of applications, both indoor and outdoor.
Our selection of Lavor products includes:

  • Cold pressure washers
More than 20 pressure washer models fitted with single-phase electric motor (220v) and designed for all those private users who are looking for high-quality products with great performances and excellent quality-price ratio.

  • Hot pressure washers
Wide range of pressure washers for both hobby and professional use designed to meet the most different operator's requirements.

  • Petrol pressure washers
Range of pressure washer models covering all price categories principally intended for hobby use to meet the most different needs. They are designed for all those applications in which it is not possible to connect the machine to the electric grid.

  • Vacuum cleaners and cleaner supplies
More than 20 models among vacuum cleaners, blowers, and wet vacuum cleaners. Thus, ash vacuums for clearing ash from fireplaces, pellet and wood stoves, biomass boilers thanks to a proper filter suitable for fine dust and able to be also cleaned during its use without running the risk to be damaged by the fine dust it is vacuuming.

Lavorwash has managed to become over the years in the manufacturing of professional and household cleaning appliances, acquiring various leading brands and diversifying its own range to offer innovative and excellent products.
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