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Band Saws for firewood – 230V single-phase – 400V three-phase – tractor driven – electric and tractor hybrids

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Band Saws

Band Saws

Why purchasing a Band Saw?

Band saws are the most popular machines for wood cutting, whether you choose a tool for home or professional use.
These machines are entirely made of steel and equipped with large and sturdy flywheels, coated with a wear-resistant rubber sleeve.

Thanks to band saws, cutting wood is easy and safe.
Indeed these machines are equipped with special safety devices that protect the Operator during work: it mounts a double safety system that prevents the machine from operating with the door open and blocks the equipment in emergency situations.
Characterised by exceptional power and sturdiness, the band saw can cut knotty logs of varying sizes with ease.

We can divide these tools in 4 types:

How it is built:

Band saws are developed in height: the smallest models measure about 1 m in height, the medium-sized ones reach up to 1.5 m on a stand while the largest can reach up to 2 m in height and are placed on the ground.
The structure of these models is quite similar and we can generally divide them as follows:

  • An electric motor that engages the rotation of a large pulley.
  • Here we can also find a second pulley, both of which are coated with a non-slip rubber material.
  • The saw band, e.i. the flexible blade with a toothed side, is placed on the pulleys.
  • Every component of the machine is completely protected by the frame of the body, except for the saw band that cuts wood.
  • Finally, the cutting table where wood is cut.

Which one to chose?

The different sizes, power and types of cutting of these machines vary according to the cutting operation to perform:

  • If it is necessary to cut small wood pieces, a saw with a power rating of around 200/250 W may also be suitable.
  • For medium-sized wood pieces, it will be necessary a band saw featuring 300/400 W.
  • For heavier operations for cutting large wood pieces, such as cutting wide and thick boards, it is necessary to use a band saw to be placed on the ground.

Band Saws: main features

An essential part of the band saw is its blade featuring a “band” shape, welded at the ends to form a closed circle.
They are usually made of steel, but as the alloy used changes, so does the type of wood o be cut. The band saw blades in this category work at high speeds and are consequently subject to high vibrations that can cause possible deformations, which is why they are made of spring steel, which features the advantage of high elasticity.
Another important component of the band saw blade is the number of teeth.
The fewer the number of teeth per inch, the greater the spacing between them; for cutting wood the blades used are the ones featuring a large tooth spacing.

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