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Copper Pots with Electric Motor

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Copper Pots with Electric Motor

Copper Pots with Electric Motor

Electric copper pots allow polenta to be prepared quickly and without too much extra processing. This category includes all models made of copper, the most popular material for this type of tool, due to its long lasting durability and easy cleaning.
It then allows optimal heat achievement for optimal polenta cooking.


Among the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a copper polenta pot is certainly its capacity.
Its capacity is expressed in litres, or through the size of the pot itself.
In the catalogue, we can find smaller pots with a capacity of only 3 litres, up to larger ones of up to 14 litres.

Copper advantages

Very often pots are made of copper, plain or hammered, due to its many qualities.
In fact, copper gives the cauldrons excellent resistance to impacts, thermal shocks, and corrosion, and makes them also excellent heat conductors, thus allowing good energy savings.
Copper cauldrons then heat up very quickly and make it easy to maintain a constant temperature.
One of the few disadvantages of these copper pots lies in their higher weight when compared to other pans made of other materials.

Technical features

Let us now look at the most common technical features of electric polenta pots:

  • The mixer: The component that is responsible for stirring the product contained in the pot;
  • Ignition switch and handles: The switch allows the electric motor to be switched on and off, while the handles allow easy transportation;
  • Electric motor: The most important component of the pot, the one that allows the mixer to move and rotate inside, must be connected to an electrical outlet through the power cable.

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