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Spring Tine Cultivators

Vibro Cultivators

Spring tine cultivators are machines designed to minimise the operations needed to prepare the seedbed.
Thanks to its structure and weight distribution, it is able to prepare a perfect seedbed by burying the smaller soil fragments and bringing the larger clods to the surface, thus preventing moisture loss and promoting germination.

When using them?

Spring tine cultivators are designed to loosen the soil, partially breaking up lumps of compacted earth and removing weeds and crabgrass.
They can also be useful for mixing fertilisers into the soil.

Unlike rippers or tillers, they feature a shallower working depth, but allows for better soil preparation and quick removal of weeds on the top layer of soil.

How to prepare the soil for sowing:

Preparing the soil for sowing is an operation that must be repeated every year, and often several times during the year.
Here are its main steps:

  • Clearing: The first thing to do is to properly prepare the soil for sowing, even more so if you have a plot uncultivated for a long time.
    Before starting to work the soil, therefore, it is necessary to remove all weeds and wild grasses that have grown over time.
  • Tillage: Now it is possible to work the soil. It is possible to operate in two different ways: Manually or using specific machinery.
    Manual tillage is recommended for tilling small plots, where using a spade or rake will allow loosening the top layer of the soil just enough to make it ready for sowing.
    Tillage with machinery, such as using a spring tine cultivator, is more suitable for large plots of land. After a first pass and having turned over the soil, it will be necessary to use rakes to level the ground and make it ready for sowing.
  • Sowing: after all these steps, the soil will be finally ready for sowing and cultivation.

What is the best time for sowing:

The best time for sowing is spring, particularly in March for sowing, and April and May for transplanting already formed seedlings.
In spring, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of the summer heat for ripening fruit and vegetables.
However, in order to start sowing in spring it is necessary to start preparing earlier: the best way is to till the soil between Autumn and Winter, so that the loose soil, rich in oxygen and organic substances, will re-activate and be ready for the period mentioned.

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