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Two-wheel tractors ► Light - Medium - Heavy Series | Petrol - Diesel

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Two-wheel Tractors: perfect for tillage and care of your crop


Two-wheel tractor: what is its function?

Multifunctional two-wheel tractors are machines used in agriculture to carry out surface work on the ground, specifically tilling.

The main feature of these machines is their multifunctionality: they can mount different tools according to your needs. Two-wheel tractors are very safe agriculture machines, as its speed is kept constant by the two-wheel drive. Moreover, the rear part of the milling cutter is always equipped with a protective cover, that is a metal sheet that prevents earth clods moved by the milling cutters to scatter.

What types of power supply can be supported by a two-wheel tractor?

Two-wheel tractors are engine-driven, therefore they can be exclusively powered by petrol or diesel. This because two-wheel tractors are heavy machines to which connect different tools depending on the type of work. The two-wheel tractor can therefore either tow the attachment or transmit the motion to it.

Petrol two-wheel tractors with 4-stroke engine is the most popular category on the market. It includes all types of machines, both for dimensions/weight and versatility. Depending on your needs, a petrol two-wheel tractor is excellent for both amateurs and professionals.

Diesel two-wheel tractors are usually medium or heavy, with all-gear oil-bath transmission, and all multi-tool. Usually, the diesel engine is suitable for those who need a durable machine despite intensive use, ready to use also after long periods of storage. Among the many advantages of this type of engine, there is also a lower consumption.

Two-wheel tractors: what are the main types?

Heaviness is very important for two-wheel tractors, so that is used to classify them. With "heaviness" we do not only mean the weight of the machine (kg), rather the result of a combination of different features such as:

  • engine power (number of horsepower and/or displacement)
  • the type of transmission
  • the number of gears
  • the width of the cutter
  • max. working area

Therefore, two-wheel tractors can be divided in:

  • small two-wheel tractors - light series
  • multifunctional two-wheel tractors - medium and heavy series

Depending on the work you need to do, you can choose the most suitable category from the catalogue:

  • small two-wheel tractors - light series: two-wheel tractors of light series are machines suitable for small jobs on terrains that are not large and well-tilled. Their ability to penetrate the soil allows good tillage. Small petrol two-wheel tractors from light series ensure smooth, fast and safe tillage. These machines are designed to meet the needs of all horticulturists and to offer a functional tool for each daily work session.
    The great handling offered by small two-wheel tractors from light series allows to prepare your crop for sowing easily and safely, with a great weight/power balance. All controls are easy to reach and support the effort without the need for excessive and tiring pushes. The maximum area covered by light series machines is 300 sqm.

  • multifunctional two-wheel tractors - medium series: multifunctional two-wheel tractors from medium series are recommended for regular jobs and for not very extensive but well tilled soils. These machines allow soil penetration so as to perform a good tilling. This self-propelled agricultural machine is mainly used - but not exclusively in the case of multi-tool machines - for tilling the soil and preparing the seedbed.
    Compared to the light series, heavy and medium two-wheel tractors are not only equipped with petrol engines, since some of them also feature diesel engines. The maximum working area for medium series is 500 sqm.
    Two-wheel tractors are extemely versatile, they can be used with several accessories for different types of work. Some accessories to connect to the PTO of the two-wheel tractor accessories:
    • flail mower;
    • sickle bar;
    • rough cut mower;
    • sweeper;
    • scythe mower;
    • snow blower auger;
    • furrower;
    • plough;
    • harrow;
    • potato harvester;
    • scarifier;
    • trailer/trolley;

  • multifunctional two-wheel tractors - heavy series: this category includes the best diesel and petrol heavy series two-wheel tractors. Here you can find heavy-duty two-wheel tractors and their structure - together with their powerful engine - can really make the difference.
    The strength of heavy series are reversible handlebars, which can rotate 180°. Reversible two-wheel tractor have gears that can be engaged in both directions. All reversible two-wheel tractors are multi-tool, but the reverse is not necessarily true: in fact, some multi-tool models allow the use of several attachments in the standard direction only, i.e. mounted only at the rear of the machine with respect to the direction of travel. The maximum working area for heavy series is over 1.000 sqm.

Differences between two-wheel tractor and garden tiller

At a first glance, two-wheel tractor and garden tiller may look the same, except that two-wheel tractors have two wheels for traction, unlike garden tillers, even if there are garden tillers which have wheels to mount in place of the cutters.

Actually, there are many differences between these two machines: for instance, garden tillers can work the soil deeper, while two-wheel tractors work more on the surface performing soil refinement. Another important difference is that only the two-wheel tractor is multi-tool: by replacing the cutter with other accessories, you will obtain greater versatility than with a regular garden tiller, which only performs milling.

If multi-tool, the two-wheel tractor will also be reversible, so that the handlebar can rotate 180°. Multiple forward and reverse gears on two-wheel tractors ensure that both directions can be used at an appropriate operating speed, while garden tillers work in one direction and can have a single gear or several forward gears and a reverse gear.

Why choose a two-wheel tractor?

Two-wheel tractors are undoubtedly more comfortable to use, their wheels avoid fatigue, particularly if you have to work on large crops. Since they are multifunctional, you can also save money: instead of buying one machine for every function, with a two-wheel tractor you will perform many operations.

They are also safer than garden tillers since their speed is constant thanks to the wheels and the cutter is covered by a carter, making the machine more comfortable to use.

What are the brands to consider?

Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of two-wheel tractors. As for many other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brands means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should consider while purchasing a two-wheel tractor are:

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