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Heavy-duty lopping shears | Pruning loppers | Pruning shears - on telescopic or fixed pole

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Telescopic Lopping Shears and Pruning Loppers

Forbicioni e Svettatoi Manuali

Lopping shears, pruning loppers and branch loppers: explore our catalogue

AgriEuro offers a wide range of telescopic pruning loppers and loppers, the most suitable tools to cut branches on heights.
Together with these tools, we offer lopping shears with handle, particularly useful for small pruning jobs.

You can choose between the following categories:

  • heavy-duty pruning shears and lopping shears on extension pole: are undoubtedly the most advanced type of loppers on extension pole; these telescopic pruning loppers are the most popular tools among loppers on pole, thanks to a series of improvements and technical features which make them easy to use.

  • heavy-duty tree loppers on telescopic extension pole: probably the best telescopic tree loppers on the market. These models of heavy-duty tree loppers on extension pole are the only ones to feature a steel gear effort reducer integrated in the head, designed to reduce effort compared to normal pruning loppers.

  • pruning shears on extension pole: very useful for garden and hedge maintenance, these pruning shears with handle are designed to reach and cut those branches that would be impossible to reach with regular pruning shears.

  • branch loppers on extension pole: the cutting tool par excellence, proposed in its most innovative version. This branch lopper is in fact equipped with telescopic extension pole.

What are the brands to consider?

Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of lopping shears and pruning loppers. As for other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should considering while purchasing lopping shears are:

All you need for Pruning treatments . A range of over 54 Lopping Shears and Manual Pruning Loppers at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2022 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from € 33.48 up to € 1,236.83
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