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Tomato presses | Tomato squeezers ► Hand-powered and electric

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Tomato presses: Electric and Manual

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Tomato presses: which one to choose?

The tomato press, also known as tomato squeezer is the machine that allows you to transform tomato in “passata”, or tomato sauce directly at home and with great ease. Tomato pressers can be: Electric, equipped with an electric motor and crank-operated tomato machines, that allow the extraction of tomato pulp by hand.

We offer four different types of tomato presses based on the environment of use and the hourly output:

    • Hand-powered tomato presses - very robust machines that allow the extraction of tomato pulp by hand. They are very easy to use and are suitable for the production of small amounts of tomato sauce.
    • Hobby use table-top electric tomato press - these models are very light and compact, east to transport and to store. Suitable for small amounts of tomato sauce.
    • Professional table-top electric tomato presses - fitted with a powerful and reliable heavy-duty induction engine. Perfect for large amounts of tomato sauce.
    • Professional electric bench tomato presses - equipped with built-in bench, these models have larger dimensions and are suitable for large amounts of tomato sauce.

These tomato squeezer machines come with several types of engines and set-ups, starting from simpler models, with food-grade plastic chutes and and chute shields, to heavy-duty models made of stainless steel. One of the main features that must be taken into consideration when choosing a tomato squeezer is the hourly output, that is, the amount of tomatoes the machine can process in one hour. Hand-powered tomato presses are designed for limited and hobby use, while electric versions are suitable both for agriculture and catering applications.
Our catalogue includes Reber and R.G.V. tomato presser models, and 100% made in Italy equipments, manufactured by Palumbo Pavi and New O.M.R.A..

All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 62 Tomato presses at the best price sale on the online market.
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