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Riding-on Mower | Lawn mower

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Trattorini tagliaerba

Trattorino tagliaerba

Riding-on Mowers: which to choose?

We offer a wide range of riding-on mowers and to make your choice easier we divide them into two groups: standard Riding-on mowers with a large front part and the newest category of small Rider Riding-on Mowers, without front part, more compact, equipped with a single-blade cutting deck and designed for smaller surfaces. Often purchased to replace the old lawn mower, for those who like the comfort of “riding-on” models.

A further distinction is made between the two standard and most popular cutting methods:

  • Riding-on mowers with rear discharge;
  • Riding-on mowers with side discharge of the grass;

These ones are designed for those who do not have to collect the grass or find difficult to dispose of it, and used where it is possible to leave the grass residues. Riding-on mowers with grass collector guarantee the absolute aesthetic perfection of your lawn. All mowers, with grass collector or side discharge, are equipped with mulching cutting system that finely grinds the grass (mulching cut is only effective if you cut your lawn often).

Remember that all mowers of all brands (with a few exceptions, among which 4x4 models) can withstand maximum slopes of 15%, even if it is recommendend not to exceed 10%, both for safey and to not wear the self-propulsion drive belt in the long term. Lastly, there are further categories of riding-on mowers in addition to those presented so far, with specific features for special uses:

  • Riding-on mowers with front deck, excellent for finishing, since it can reach the most difficult spots thanks to its protruding cutting deck;
  • Zero turn riding-on mowers, with excellent steering and maneuvrability;
  • Riding-on Mowers, ideal to cut tall grass (all the other mowers of this category, designed to work in gardens, cannot perform this operation).

How to use the filters

Here it is a QUICK GUIDE for the FILTERS in the column below to help you to quickly and effectively select, in a few simple steps, the model that best suits your needs among more than 100 Riding-on Mowers.
The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you; let's concentrate on the next ones, the more technical ones (remember that you can select multiple options on each one of them).

  • The first thing to consider is the PRODUCT LEVEL: think about the intensity and fequency with which you are going to use your mower and select a sufficiently high level for you;
  • RECOMMENDED WORKING SURFACE: it is undoubtedly the best filter to use, more than the previous ones, because in just one click you can select the right products for the specific lawn extension you need. Make sure you never select a shorter;
  • CUTTING WIDTH: this filter is similar to the previous one, very useful if you already know the best width for you. Remember that you can select multiple choices on the same filter. To easily understand this filter, remember that cutting decks under 80 cm are considered small, from 80 to 100 cm are medium, over 100 cm are considered large;
  • TYPE: alredy explained in the previous text. It depends on whether the mower collects grass or not. Moreover, you can even choose special machines (almost all without collection system) such as front deck or zero turn;
  • CUBIC CAPACITY and RATED OUTPUT: this filter is recommended for beginners.The rated output is usually (but not always!) proportionate to the size of the mower, however, we recommend higher powers for large surfaces or if you do not regularly mown your lawn and where the grass is taller than usual. Small motors are those up to 10HP, medium ones from 10 to 13HP, medium-large from 14 to 17HP, large over 18HP. Among these ones, the best are two-cylinder ones (better than standard single-cylinder). Remember that rated output is used for commercial purposes (the real power is lower and you can find it in every detailed description of our products);
  • MOTOR BRAND: a matter of personal taste, however, historical brands are always a guarantee (such as Briggs&Stratton and Kawasaki); under “other motors” you can find all the other motors available, mostly of high quality, but all of oriental manufacture;
  • GEARBOX TYPE: the standard mechanical gearbox is the most affordable, a bit less practical but nonetheless reliable; the automatic gearbox raises the level, same reliability but more versatile since it allows to change speed while operating, without stopping; The hydrostatic gearbox is the most expensive but most reliable (using hydraulic oil instead of gears) and versatile since it can change speed while operating, such as the previous ones; Hydrostatic 4x4 has the same advantages of the previous model with the additional possibility to work on steeper slopes;
  • BLADE DRIVE: there is standard mechanical lever activation of cutting blades, the one featured by most riding-on mowers on the market; many models are equipped with electromagnetic blade engagement, more silent, vibration-free and long-lasting.

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