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Vacuum Sealers

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Food vacuum sealers: why should you buy one?

Good preservation of food, from vegetables to meat, from cheese to cured meats, is essential both to avoid loss of flavours and beneficial properties of the food and for health reasons. There are many methods of preserving food, but only one can perfectly preserve its organoleptic characteristics. That is vacuum-packing, relatively modern preservation technique which has become very popular because of its simplicity and efficiency.

In fact, vacuum-packing, allows you to preserve food while maintaining its taste and aroma for long periods of time, even longer than freezing or other food preservation methods. “Vacuuming” is the process of removing almost all the air inside a container. By creating a vacuum inside, you will avoid the growth of mould or bacteria and ensure that the properties of the product are maintained. In fact, removing oxygen, eliminates an important oxidising agent, which produces browning and food spoilage.

Vacuum sealers have become very popular. What are the real advantages which brought these machines into kitchens?

  • They are affordable and eco-friendly: a vacuum sealer will avoid unnecessary waste, providing huge economic benefits.
  • It is effective and extends food life: compared to other methods, vacuuming allows the food to keep up to five times longer, leaving all its nutrients unchanged.
  • It is more hygienic: drastically reduces the proliferation of bacteria due to poor food preservation. By de-oxygenating the product, the micro-organisms are almost totally eliminated, guaranteeing healthy, safe food.
  • It allows you to save space: vacuum-packaging is excellent if your fridge or freezer is not large enough.
  • Preserves nutrients: foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fruit and vegetables, will not lose their beneficial properties when vacuum-packed and will keep all their nutrients.

Vacuum machines: what are the main types?

There are two main types of vacuum sealers: external suction machines, more compact and affordable for home use, and chamber vacuum machines (or internal suction), more expensive, heavy-duty machines.

External suction vacuum machines are affordable and designed for home use, which changes depending on their features, besides, obviously, dimensions and materials. Unlike heavy-duty, chamber vacuum machines, these models cannot provide complete vacuum, but only an 80-85%. This results in a shorter food preservation, because of the percentage of oxygen remaining in the packaging.
External suction vacuum machines are characterised by the packaging which remains outside the machine, leaving only a small flap along the bar to facilitate sealing.
Remember that external suction vacuum machines are designed for solid products, as vacuuming bags with liquid products could compromise the operation of the machine.

Besides the substantial differences in price, materials, functionality and vacuum quality, vacuum machines with internal suction differ in shape, weight and structure. In fact, chamber vacuum machines are equipped with an internal vacuum chamber, where the bag is placed.
The great advantage of these machines is that they can also vacuum-pack less solid or even liquid foodstuffs, such as purees, sauces or centrifuges. In addition, these models can vacuum up to 99% of the air contained in the bags, ensuring higher vacuum and therefore better preservation.

The vacuum machines in our catalogue can be divided in five specific categories:

  • PVC vacuum sealers for domestic use: the most classic and popular on the market because of their affordable price.
  • aluminium vacuum sealers: made of robust, high-quality material which makes them strong and hygienic, they stand out for the design and compactness of their mechanics, convenient to store and extremely elegant.
  • stainless steel vacuum sealers: their material guarantees unparalleled robustness and hygiene, which make them top range products.
  • heavy-duty stainless steel vacuum sealers: the features and structure of these machines allow them to be used with extreme frequency and for heavy jobs, with very powerful vacuum pumps and large sealing bars.
  • Chamber vacuum machines: entirely made of stainless steel, they are designed for professionals, allowing to vacuum-pack liquid and solid products and flours without limitation and at the top of current technology.


Vacuum sealer machine: main variables to consider while choosing

  • Pump: fundamental for a vacuum sealer, the mechanism that creates the vacuum by sucking in the oxygen contained in the bag or box. The higher the vacuum exerted by the machine, the less oxygen is left in the sealed package and, consequently, the longer the food preservation.
    The vacuum value is expressed in bar and, usually, a good vacuum machine for domestic use has a vacuum value of around 600 bar, while more professional models have 800-900 bar.

  • Power: the ability of the vacuum machine to exert pressure on the casing and give sealing effectiveness to the bar. The more powerful the machine, the greater the final result. This indicator is expressed in Watts.

  • Flow rate: one of the most important parameters, the speed with which the vacuum sealer machine sucks in the air from the container. It is directly linked to the power of the pump and therefore to the effective performance of the machine. Usually, flow rate is expressed in litres per minute (L/min.). A good vacuum machine ranges from 8 and 20 l/min.

  • Functions of the vacuum machines, such as: sealing time adjustment, sealing bar temperature adjustment, manual sealing, wet foods and fragile foods cycle and containers cycle.

  • Dimensions: very important, especially if you seek a home machine. Usually, a vacuum machine for home use is not very bulky and it ranges from 30 to 45 cm. Even if these machines are not particularly bulky, there are models that can be arranged horizontally and/or vertically, depending on the different requirements.
    About vacuum sealer dimensions, it is important to consider the size of the sealing bar. Of course, a small machine does not feature a very versatile bar. In contrast, larger vacuum machines will be able to seal bags of various sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

  • Materials: as with most household and kitchen appliances, materials make a difference in the case of vacuum sealers. Most heavy-duty models are made of stainless steel, more resistant and suitable for these type of machines. Home models are mostly madeo of PVC, plastic or aluminium.


Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of vacuum sealers. As for many other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you shouls consider while purchasing a vacuum sealer - both for home and heavy-duty use - are:

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