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Tying Machines for Vineyards | automatic - for vineyards and vegetable gardens

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Electric Tying Machines for Vineyards

Legatrici Elettriche per Vigneti

What is the function of an electric tying machine?

Tying the tendrils are extremely useful both to direct the development of the plant and to maintain its physiological balance. By fixing the branches to rows or other types of support, you can control vine growth.

Moreover, tying is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for physiological well-being of the plant. In fact, the right direction of tendrils ensures an equal distribution of sap in each sprout. In this way, each bunch of grapes will reach the same degree of ripeness.

Electric tying machines for vineyards are the most advanced and practical tools to meet this need. These are compact tools, easy to use and effective. Their primary task will be to tie the tendrils to the trellis system,but - given their versatility - it will be a tool that can be used in many other circumstances, even outside the agricultural sector.

How to use a battery-powered electric tying machine?

Our electric tying machines are battery-powered and gun-shaped with trigger. Simply load the tool with the dedicated reels, place the nozzle on the desired spot and then pull the trigger for automatic tying. The great advantage of these tools is their ergonomy, which - together with a surprising lightness - allows you to use them with one hand.
Depending on the different requirements of more or less extensive wine growing, you can choose between tying machines with built-in battery and tying machines with backpack battery. While the first category is more suitable for tying operations more limited in time and space - especially for their built-in battery which makes them heavier - tying machines with backpack battery are recommended for long work sessions.

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