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Power Barrows

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Power Barrows

Motocarriola - Carriola Elettrica

Diesel/petrol, electric or battery-powered power barrows: what is their function?

Electric power barrows are motorised barrows suitable for many uses, by both amateurs and professionals. It is a high-performance machine with a much higher loading capacity than a manual wheelbarrow.

Power barrows have gained a large market share over time. Their success derives mainly from their broad functionality. They allow heavy and bulky materials to be transported safely and comfortably over uneven and sloping terrain.

Electric power barrows are extremely versatile machines which can be used for:

  • agriculture
  • gardening
  • transporting timber or building material

Tracked or wheeled power barrows

Electric power barrows can be divided in two groups:

  • tracked
  • wheels

  • Of course, tracked power barrows are recommended for heavy-duty and demanding jobs. If it is necessary to work on rough or uneven terrain, an electric tracked power barrow will provide superior grip and safety. Tracked power barrows are more professional, efficient, powerful and sturdy, but of course they are more expensive than wheeled power barrows. The best electric power barrows, more professional and expensive, feature tracks made with steel or cast iron idler wheels and tilting rollers. The tension of these tracks can be adjusted manually and they guarantee high performance on any ground.

    Wheeled power barrows are suitable for less demanding amateur jobs. Therefore, models with rubber wheels are ideal for gardening or small agricultural work, but they are not recommended in construction. This because wheeled electric power barrows have lower loading capacity compared to tracked machines, not suitable for uneven ground. Power barrows with rubber wheels also leave fewer marks compared to tracked models. Therefore, they are suitable for delicate surfaces.

    Diesel/petrol engine or battery-powered?

    The main difference between engine and motors of power barrows concerns the power supply. In particular, you can choose between power barrows with:

    • petrol/diesel engine: most power barrows are equipped with 4-stroke engines, with displacements ranging from 125 cc for wheeled power barrows to 200 cc for heavy-duty tracked power barrows.
      The best power barrows feature petrol engines by the most famous brands such as Honda and Briggs & Stratton. Do not underestimate Loncin engines: leading Chinese manufacturer of quality engines for gardening and DIY machines. In fact, Loncin presents the new 270 cc engine, one of the most powerful ever mounted on a power barrow.
      Usually, these products are more suitable for heavy-duty use, since a petrol power barrow guarantees high performance on any terrain, also on slopes. One of the main features of these machines is the high loading capacity, starting from 100Kg for amateur use up to 600Kg.

    • battery-powered motor: during these last years, battery-powered motors are becoming increasingly more popular. Battery-powered power barrows are almost exclusively amateur machines with rubber wheels.
      Battery-powered power barrows have latest-generation lithium batteries: practical, useful and versatile machines which make ease of use their strength. Unlike petrol and diesel models, battery-powered power barrows are the most convenient to use, the least noisy and virtually maintenance-free. These machines are suitable for garden and horticultural operations, such as the disposal of grass cuttings and pruning waste, the transport of timber, soil or building material that is not too heavy.

    What types of barrows can be fitted to a power barrow?

    The type of barrow of a power barrow it depends on what its movement system is, whether it is wheeled or tracked, and consequently on the uses for which the machine has been designed. The main types of barrows are two:

    • the power barrows with extensible barrow are usually tracked. The sides of the extendable barrow allow to considerably increase the size of the loading space and consequently the loading capacity of the power barrow. Therefore, these barrows are ideal for transporting larger, more voluminous material.
      Power barrows with extensible barrow have a loading capacity ranging from 100 Kg up to 600 Kg.

    • The dumper barrow is ideal in construction. It allows the transport of small, granular materials and is also suitable for transporting liquids. Power barrows with dumper barrow are mostly suitable for transporting stones, soil, gravel or concrete.
      Some models of tracked power barrows are specifically made for construction and, besides the dumper barrow, they feature a self-loading plough. Sturdy machines, equipped with powerful petrol and diesel engines and hydrostatic transmission. The loading plough allows to work very simply and effectively.

    Which brands should you consider?

    Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of power barrows. As for other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should consider while purchasing an electric power barrow - both for heavy-duty and amateur use - are:

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