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Rear Tractor-mounted Grader Blades - 120 to 250 cm Rear Blades

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Rear Tractor-mounted Grader Blades

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Tractor-mounted Grader Blades: what is their function?

Rear tractor-mounted grader blades are suitable for agricultural, land maintenance and gardening work. The main function of tractor-mounted grader blades is flattening the soil, in order to avoid water stagnation and unnecessary waste in irrigation. Another function of tractor-mounted grader blades is lifting soil from ditches quickly and accurately. It can also be used to remove snow in courtyards and large spaces.

Tractor-mounted grader blades also have other functions. In fact, on a well leveled ground it is possible to operate with large machines in order to contain costs and increase productivity.

Rear tractor-mounted grader bladescan also work outside the roadway. Thanks to their double system, they can rotate 360° on a pivot, as well as being moved sideways in various positions.

Our website offers different types of tractor mounted grader blades, for different needs:

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