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Electric poultry brooder

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Electric poultry brooder

Electric poultry brooder

Electric poultry brooder are employed for the growth of few days-old chicks, keeping favourable environmental conditions for their growth.
These machines are typically used to boost hatching rates and reduce the need for hens to hatch eggs.

Main features:

The structure is made of sheet metal and its main parts are:

  • Extractable drawer: A small section employed for the collection of excrements;
  • Ventilation system;
  • Working temperature regulation by potentiometer;
  • Internal lightening;
  • Drinking troughs that can be connected with an accumulation tank or directly with the water system
  • Feeding troughs;

Chicks weaning

After the first 48 hours of life, in which the chick must not be taken out of the incubator, the animal is able to feed on its own; therefore, it can be taken out of the incubator or the poultry brooder and placed in a metal cage or a large box, sheltered from the cold and any external dangers, with a bowl of water inside, and a small container with suitable high-protein feed for rapid growth of the chick.
It is crucial to not feed the chicks with adult poultry feed, not suitable for their weaning since it also containing calcium, a substance not suitable for newly hatched chicks.
The temperature should be constantly monitored and, if necessary, a heating lamp should be used and placed about 40 cm from the chicks' floor.

The right temperature

The temperature is one of the most important aspects for the growth of the chicks. In the first period, it is important to ensure a good temperature for the animals, about 32 degrees, thereafter, the temperature must be lowered by about two degrees every week.
The temperature must be regularly reduced for two months. After this period, the chicks begin to develop adult plumage, which will allow them to leave the cage and be introduced into a chicken coop.

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