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Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Water Pumps: which one to choose?

The purchase of a water pump requires a good degree of knowledge and experience in the field, otherwise it is inevitable to get lost among the many different machine types on the market.

Before purchasing a water pump, it must be clear what the purpose of the machine is: there is the right tool for every job, and the water pump is a particularly specific tool.

It is worth noting that the pumps included in this catalogue are all self-priming pumps and petrol water pumps, which therefore do not require water to be filled into the hose to start working.

A first major distinction in the world of water pumps is the type of water with which the tool will come into contact. In fact, petrol water pumps can be used to irrigate vegetable gardens or small fields, or to empty cesspools, ponds or flooded areas. The most powerful petrol water pumps can also operate sprinklers for greater irrigation efficiency.

The second distinction can then be made according to the type of engine fitted to the water pump: diesel engines are ideal for very long irrigation work sessions, and are the ideal choice for their excellent quality, robustness and durability. Petrol engines, on the other hand, are suitable for shorter work sessions or occasional use.

On the basis of these distinctions, it is possible to identify six different categories, to be able to find the most suitable water pump for your needs:

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