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Machines for Flame Weeding | Thermal and Gas Herbicides - Manual Flame Weeding - Weed Remover

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Thermal and Mechanical Herbicides

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A wide equipment for weeding on walls and floors

Thermal weeding or flame weeding are ideal to remove weeds even in difficult places that can only be reached with chemical herbicides (such as wall bases or between floor joints) and of course less suitable for large surfaces.


  • it avoids back pain caused by incorrect postures held for too long or repeatedly
  • avoids the use of chemical herbicides harmful to the health of the operator and the environment
  • affordable in addition to the initial cost of the product, there is only the cost of the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)

How does it work?

Thermal treatment, adjusting application speed and flame regulation, allows not to burn weeds but blanch them so as to devitalize them and prevent them from growing back; in fact, right after the heat treatment plants change color: green is accentuated by the outflow of the sap to the surface and after some days, green leaves room for straw yellow, a typical color of the dried out plant. Within 2 o 3 days, the plant dries totally out and dies. Later, the already dry plants can be eradicated so as to eliminate even the root or left there so as to enrich the soil. Since the flame is transparent and does not release smoke, any floor can be invested with flame and heat altering the colour.

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