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A wide range of tools for removing weeds from walls and floors

Thermal and Mechanical Herbicides

Weed removal is an important and delicate task to be carried out in both public and private spaces.
In fact, weeds are able to spring up even in the narrowest spaces, such as along walls, between paving stones, along kerbs and edges.
These weeds spread by seed, which is usually blown in by the wind, or by root cutting, also known as scion. The latter occurs when a piece of root is accidentally left in the ground when weeds are eradicated, causing the plant to grow back stronger and more vigorous than before.
It is therefore a good habit to carry out their systematic removal.

How to get rid of them?

There are now several methods for weed removal, the main ones of which are:

  • thermal treatment;
  • chemical treatment;
  • mechanical treatment;
  • manual treatment;

As is easily guessed, manual treatment consists in removing the weeds in your garden by hand, one by one.

Chemical treatment involves the use of specific substances that are harmful to the lawn and the soil beneath.

Mechanical and thermal weed removal, on the other hand, are more eco-friendly and practical methods compared to traditional chemical herbicides.

Thermal weed control or flame weeding is the most suitable method for removing weeds in places normally only accessible with chemical herbicides (such as wall bases or between grout lines), but it is obviously less suitable for weed removal on large areas.
Its use proves advantageous because:

  • It avoids back pain caused by incorrect postures held too long or repeatedly;
  • It avoids the use of chemical herbicides that are harmful to the health of the operator and for the environment;
  • It is cost effective, because besides the price of the burner, there is only the cost of the LPG consumption (Liquefied Petroleum Gas);

Flame weeding, how does it work?

By adjusting the speed of application and the intensity of the flame, the thermal treatment avoids burning the weeds, but instead scalds them in such a way as to only devitalise them and prevent their regrowth.
The withered plants can be subsequently eradicated, so as to remove the roots as well, or left where they are to help enrich the soil underneath. Since the flame is transparent and does not release fumes, any flooring can be treated with heat without altering its colour and texture.

Mechanical treatment, how does it work?

Mechanical treatment consists of removing and eradicating weeds through the use of various attachments, which can be:

  • Grout cleaners
  • Patio cleaners
  • Cleaners for outdoor surfaces
  • Floor scrubbers

All these products use brushes with bristles that can easily remove the surface layer of dirt from driveways and outdoor floors.
As well as speeding up work, they save a great deal of effort, making maintenance and cleaning tasks more satisfying and faster.

In conclusion

The use of special tools is becoming increasingly popular due to their exceptional efficacy and practicality in removing those troublesome and annoying weeds.
They are accessible to most users in the industry, and are user-friendly tools which perform the task quickly and efficiently.

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