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Bone Bandsaws

Bone Bandsaws

What is a bone bandsaw?

The bone bandsaw is an essential machine for butchers and restaurant owners, as it allows to cut the bones with much more ease and precision than a manual process.
These machines are equipped with a very powerful saw, which is operated automatically, to work more quickly and with greater precision.
With this method, in fact, it is possible to ensure that every cut of meat is of the same size, for simplified and improved food preparation.

How to use it

First of all, it is important to adjust the height of the saw according to the size of the piece of meat to be cut; simply move the sliding fence on the cutting table to adjust the desired cutting thickness.

By means of a simple lever, the meat is put on the cutting table and carefully pushed onto the saw by means of a meat pusher, until the cuts are completed.
Once the operation is finished, it is possible to either carry on cutting again or switch off the machine.

How to clean it

Since this machine is used to cut raw meat, it is essential to clean the machine thoroughly.
The single components of the bone saw, such as the meat pusher, cutting plate and blade, can be cleaned with a brush, warm water and soap.
The remaining parts, on the other hand, can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is important not to use aggressive cleaning agents in order to avoid damaging the working surface.

A heavy-duty bone bandsaw for all types of food

The bone saw machines available in our catalogue are heavy-duty products and are characterised by superior quality and lightness of construction materials.
This tool is suitable for cutting all foods, even frozen ones, thanks to its powerful single-phase electric motor and blade with hardened teeth.

The sliding fence can be easily adjusted by means of a crank made of food-grade PVC and allows to set the cutting width of the bandsaw with great precision.
This makes this machine suitable for different types of application fields, such as butchers, fishmongers, restaurants, canteens, meat and frozen fish industries, but it can also meet the needs of hunters or demanding private users looking for a powerful food cutting machine.

The bone bandsaw guarantees maximum safety during its operation, in compliance with EU regulations. This is why it is also suited to cutting materials such as wood or hard plastics, which shows the excellent construction quality of its components.
The machine body is built in aluminium, while the cutting table is in steel, for maximum hygiene. The bandsaw can be easily and safely adjusted to keep the blade correctly tensioned even after long work sessions The internal structure features an electric motor which can be single-phase or three-phase.
When in use, the machine works by means of rotating pulleys that facilitate the sliding of the blade and make cutting easier. The blade is flexible to better adapt to each type of meat, without the risk of snapping during operation.

What to consider when purchasing a bone bandsaw?

Before getting a bone bandsaw machine, there are several aspects to consider:

  • Motor type: single-phase or three-phase, the latter being more powerful
  • Quality of materials: the construction materials are high quality anodised aluminium and stainless steel;
  • Width of the cutting table;
  • Presence of integrated safety systems;
  • Presence of elements that facilitate meat cutting, such as meat pusher, blade guide and blade guard.

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