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Pasta Makers

Pasta Makers

For many years now, the market has been offering different models of pasta makers, machines that allow pressing the dough into pasta sheets and then cut it into many shapes.
The first ones to hit the market were the manual ones, which are now considered obsolete, as they require to use a hand crank to roll out and cut the previously prepared dough.

Then came the electric models, which made processing easier and faster.
Simply enter the necessary ingredients and the machine will automatically do the rest.

Pasta maker for homemade pasta: which one to choose?

Within the AgriEuro catalogue you can choose among a wide range of machines for making pasta at home.
Many models available in our catalogue feature a stainless steel body.

These types of pasta makers allow carrying out several processes for fresh homemade pasta, such as:

  • Roll out and cut pasta sheets, thanks to the standard pasta maker models with rollers, operated manually or with electric motor, which stretch the dough into pasta sheets for lasagna or various other shapes of pasta, long-cut or to be further worked for stuffing, such as ravioli, strangozzi or pappardelle, using of the special pasta cutter accessories.
  • Extruding or cutting pasta: in this case the machine, thanks to the thrust of a screw, pushes the dough on special die plates to extrude the dough and obtain a large number of different pasta shapes.
    Pasta presses can be either electric, powered with a 220 V single-phase motor, or manually-operated. The choice depends on the amount of pasta to be cut and if the machine is to be used for continuous work.

Manually-operated Pasta Makers

Manually-operated pasta makers are the easiest to use, as they speed up the preparation process slightly, but are still time-consuming and labour-intensive.
They use the traditional method of rolling the dough with the machine, using a manual handle, and then cutting it to the desired size.
They are ideal for longer pasta types, and are also generally money-saving than the automatic models.

Electric Pasta Makers

Electric pasta makers speed up cutting pasta making it easier and allowing you to produce many more kinds of pasta.
The appliance will work autonomously, you’ll only have to enter the dough and then the machine will operate automatically.
The cleaning process is also often easier, as many models can be disassembled and placed in the dishwasher.

What considering before purchase?

Here is a short list of the main features to consider for purchasing a pasta maker:

  • THE PRICE: The price may vary greatly depending on the choice between a manual and an electric model. In both cases, the manufacturer also influences the cost of the product. Our catalogue includes brands such as Imperia, Marcato, Reber, and New O.M.R.A.
  • OPERATING SPEED: Making homemade pasta can be a long and slow process if not carried out with the right machines. That is why electric machines are always recommended if you want to operate quickly.
  • CLEANING EASE: Another aspect to consider for a greater ease of use.
  • TIPE OF PASTA: A further detail to consider is the type of pasta that the pasta maker you want to purchase can produce.

All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 73 Pasta Makers at the best price sale on the online market.
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