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Pneumatic Pruning Shears

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Pneumatic Pruning Shears

Pneumatic Shears

Pneumatic pruning shears, also known as air pruning shears, are generally recommended for those who need to prune a large number of trees and plants.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

One of the main advantages of these tools is their WEIGHT: the average weight of this kind of machines is around 500 g, which is higher than standard pruning shears, but lighter than electric ones, where it is necessary to also carry the battery.
Another advantage of this type of pruning shears is their DOUBLE BLADE, which allows for clean and precise cuts, without damaging the branches.
A further advantage is the possibility of replacing the blades with PNEUMATIC SAWS.

Pneumatic pruning shears are noisier than electric ones, but also much more efficient.
Their disadvantage consists of needing the air compressor and a connecting hose that can delivery the compressed air.

Pneumatic scissors: why purchasing them?

The category of pneumatic pruning shears includes a wide range of compressed air pruning shears, available both with and without the extension pole.
The use of pneumatic pruning shears is recommended for those who already own an engine-driven air compressor as they allow for quick pruning and the possibility of connecting several cutting units to the same engine-driven air compressor.
Branch loppers are powerful pruning shears mounted on an extension pole for cutting branches with a large diameter, up to 50 mm.
They are the most powerful on the market in terms of cutting capacity and sturdiness, and allow effectively cutting even in the most difficult conditions.
In fact, the grip on the branch is ensured by the wide hook that holds the lopper and prevents other nearby branches from being cut by mistake.

Pneumatic pruning shears: discover our catalogue

AgriEuro offers a wide range of pneumatic pruning shears divided in sub-categories to help you finding the model that best suits your needs:

How to choose pruning shears?

First of all, it is necessary to assess the cutting needs and the type of branches to be pruned. Depending on these needs, the choice may vary between the products listed above.
Other main aspects to consider when purchasing a pruning shear are:

  • THE BLADES: Definitely the most important part of the pruning shears. The blades must be sturdy and sharp, for allowing clean and precise cuts.
    Another important feature is their shape. Curved blades can adhere better to the branch, but at the same time are suitable for pruning only small branches.
  • THE CUTTING SYSTEMS: Further to the blade, it is also important to evaluate the cutting system. In fact, the shape of the cutting unit can be blade, anvil or cross cut shaped, each with specific characteristics.
  • GRIP AND ERGONOMICS: An aspect that should not be underestimated, as in most cases these shears are used for a long periods of time, so it is important to operate with a comfortable and practical handle, which allows the arm and consequently the Operator not to get tired.

Purchase guide: Useful filters

Here is a quick and easy guide to purchase these particular pruning tools:

  • MAXIMUM CUTTING DIAMETER: This figure indicates the maximum branch diameter that the pruning shears can cut.
    from 25 mm to 50 mm.
  • OPERATING PRESSURE: It indicates the maximum power in bar, that the pruning shears can express.
  • POLE LENGTH: This figure is only used for shears compatible with the extension pole.
    It indicates the length of the extension pole that can be connected to the pruning shear. The models on our catalogue range from 0.5 m to 3 m.
  • MANUFACTURERS: Here is a list of the manufacturers included in our catalogue, who are also the biggest producers on the market.
    Campagnola, Castellari, M.A.I.B.O, Paterlini and Zanon.


In conclusion, these particular tools are really convenient and useful for intensive pruning in a professional environment.
They allow speeding up pruning operations, achieving precise and impeccable results, as well as considerably reducing the Operator’s fatigue.

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