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Power Stations - Batteries - Portable power stations

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Portable Power Station

What is a portable power station?

The portable power station is a power station capable of storing and redistributing electricity even in awkward or isolated locations. Perfect for esnurign power supply in outdoor environments such as camping, workplaces and even in emergencies.

What is a Power Station used for?

  • A motor home trip: as a holder for mobile phones, cameras, live lights and external electronic equipment;
  • Camping: supports camping lights, electric fans, small refrigerators and household appliances that can require up to 500 W;
  • A sudden power outage: in the event of a sudden power failure offers a convenient emergency solution.

How many types of portable power stations are there?

Our catalogue contains two different categories of portable power stations:

With a maximum weight of only 35 kg, a portable power station is characterised by easy portability and great practicality.

Technical Data

The category includes models of 1000 watt portable power station, 2000 watt portable power station, up to the wheeled model of 3000 watt portable power station.
All models offer different types of charging: standard, fast, car, solar and fast AC charging.
They also have several Output ports such as:

  • Continuous power port;
  • Peak power port;
  • DC ports;
  • USB-A and USB-C ports;

They also offer short-circuit, overload, overtemperature and overvoltage protection.
For a service life of more than 500 cycles at up to 80 per cent capacity.

Practical uses of portable power packs

A portable power station is an energy solution that is suitable for many everyday scenarios and beyond:

  • Charging electrical devices or drones;
  • Powering coffee makers, cookers and other power tools for outdoor use;
  • Powering projectors and TVs for outdoor evenings;
  • Recharging electric bicycle batteries;
  • Offering an emergency solution in the event of a blackoutt.

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