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Fruit-processing machines

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Fruit mills and fruit press hoppers

Mulini macina frutta e pigiafrutta

Two different types of fruit processing machinery are collected in this category: the Electric fruit mills and the Fruit press hoppers.

Mills are usually used in private or small-scale production, to prepare fruit juices, preserves, and jams.
They are suitable for processing stone-free fruit as well as vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

Fruit press hoppers, on the other hand, crush the fruit without the stone, and then obtain the juice separated from the pulp.

How they work

The operation of these two fruit processing machines is quite similar, the product is placed in a steel hopper with rotating knives at the base that slice the food.
In the case of fruit mills, the knives allow the juice to be extracted from fruit and vegetables quickly and effortlessly; in the case of fruit press hoppers, on the other hand, there are aluminium rollers after these knives that separate the juice from the pulp and the crop.

Electric and manual fruit press hoppers

Fruit-pressing machines can be available in both electric and manual variants, depending on production needs and available time.
So, what is the main difference between manual and electric models? The method by which they work; in manual fruit presses there is a side flywheel, which transmits the rotary motion to the gears and toothed rollers.
In electric models, on the other hand, there is an electric induction motor, with lateral belt drive, which also has a clutch effect in the event of machine jamming.
Both models also feature a red STOP button, which complies with CE regulations.

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