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Post hole borers & Earth augers

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Post Hole Borers & Earth Augers - for Soil Drilling

Post Hole Borers & Earth Augers

Post Hole Borers: what is their function?

The earth augers are a necessary tool for digging holes in the ground with equal diameter and depth. The main use of post hole borers and earth augers is drilling the ground to plant fruit trees, stacking concrete poles or making fence bases.

The earth auger consists of a propeller that rotates and manages to extract the earth from the hole that it digs. The tips are interchangeable in diameter and height to be adapted to the type of hole that the operator needs to dig. In some cases, the post hole borers can be used by one or two operators.

Post Hole Borers: what are the types to choose from?

The types of earth augers we offer based on customer needs are:

  • Petrol post hole borers
  • Electric post hole borers
  • Battery-operated post hole borers
  • Post hole borers for tractor

According to the soil type and the number and depth of holes, we offer these types of earth augers:

  • Petrol post hole borers

    The petrol post hole borer is a very powerful and versatile device. It’s essential both in the agricultural sector and in construction sites. Featuring 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engines, it has enough power to drill any material that is solid or semi-solid, thanks to the helical-shaped blade mounted on a vertical axis.

    The internal combustion engine in the post hole borers is capable of releasing enough force to allow the bits to drill through very hard material and soil. These machine models are powered by gasoline or fuel-oil mix, so the activation of the engine is done by recoil start. The 2-stroke engines (fuel-oil mix) models are an excellent choice to save money, while the petrol engine models are by far the most powerful.

    A fuel-oil mix earth auger can reach approx one meter of excavation depth, while a petrol auger can reach up to approx three meters of depth.

  • Electric post hole borers

    The electric post hole borers are suitable for a limited variety of jobs. These earth augers need to have an electrical outlet, which means that they are not used in open fields, and are therefore suitable for small indoor or outdoor jobs thanks to the use of extension cords.

    These tools are intended for a hobby-use. These post hole borers are very silent and do not require maintenance.
  • Battery-operated post hole borers

    Battery-operated post hole borers, like electric earth augers, have a limited variety of use compared to petrol post hole borers but, unlike electric models, they do not require an electrical source to be operated. As a result, these augers can be used with compatible batteries and feature a larger working area than electric post hole borers.

    They are used for planting bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings or fertilized shrubs and trees for deep water aeration, for the removal/ control of weeds and roots.

  • Post hole borers for tractor

    The selection of post hole borers for tractor includes models with and without the tractor hydraulic system. These types of earth augers are intended for a wide variety of tasks from agriculture to construction. These machines are intended for the semi-professional/professional sector. Using these augers minimizes any kind of effort and stress, as all the work is done by the post hole borer and the tractor.

    Post hole diggers equipped with hydraulic system allow to give a significantly higher thrust pressure during drilling than mechanical post hole borers.

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