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Mowing of tall or spontaneous grass

A showcase with over 600 pieces of equipment to help you look after your garden, parks and vast green areas, up to agricultural lands with spontaneous grass, whether you are a hobbyist or a pro at gardening. Strimmers, flail mowers and scythe mowers suitable for the more rustic areas and wild grass, even very tall.

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For those who need to cut wild and thick grass, like in the countryside or in agriculture, we suggest choosing a strimmer, flail mower or scythe mower. This equipment is more suitable for the maintenance of the more rustic and vast green areas.

With different types of machines, from strimmers (engine-driven, electric or battery-powered models), with knapsack function, to motorized scythe mowers apt at cutting any type of grass height and texture. These latter ones are highly appreciated by those who need to get grass or hay back since they maintain the perfect integrity by cutting exclusively at the base of the stem.

For those who have a tractor, the flail mower is an essential tool for the cleaning of the land since it enables a more efficient cut.

With machines suitable for a wide range of tractors, AgriEuro offers a complete range for the needs of both the agricultural entrepreneur and the amateur farmer. The flail mowers by AgriEuro are all strictly of Italian origin.


The garden or lawn care requires the need of adequate tools

The choice of the product suitable to your needs is often made difficult due to the large availability of tools apparently very similar among them.

AgriEuro offers its experience in the field to provide you with a simple and efficient browsing to find the product that best suits your needs among 6000 machines.

In fact, thanks to the presence of filters and categorizations, even when you don't have clear ideas about the product to purchase, you will have a general view of the products included in the range of the desired features. Thus, the choice of the most suitable product will be easier.

The big varieties of products proposed succeed in satisfying all needs for the maintenance and care of the green areas, for those who occasionally take care of their garden and for those who have done their job in the maintenance of green areas.