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Tooth Harrows

Tooth Harrows

What is the function of a tooth harrow?

The tooth harrow is an agricultural machine suitable for different complementary agricultural operations.
Usually towed by an engine-driven vehicle, it is used after ploughing to shred and level the surface, making it porous and preparing the soil for sowing.
Tooth harrows can also be used to incorporate the fertiliser in the soil, break up turf and bring weed rhizomes to the surface, and are excellent on medium to low consistency soils where they are used as an alternative to the more expensive rolling harrows.

Our catalogue includes a wide range of fixed tooth harrows divided into 3 categories that consider the heaviness and thickness of the harrows teeth, so that you can choose the model that best suits your operating needs:

Fixed Tooth Harrows:

Our catalogue includes different models of fixed tooth harrows. Their supporting structure consists of a frame that can be either firm or articulated.
The tines are connected to the frame at an equidistant distance.
This type of tooth harrow is the most traditional model; due to its small size, it performs an action that only affects the surface layer of the soil, without causing it to overturn.

How to choose them:

Here is an easy guide to simplify the purchase of these equipment:

  • NUMBER OF TINES: This figure indicates the number of tines mounted on the harrow;
  • WORKING WIDTH: This figure indicates the width that the harrow covers as it passes through the soil; the greater the width, the larger the area where it is possible to operate;
  • MAXIMUM POWER: It indicates the power of the vehicle that the harrow can withstand.

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