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Spring Loaded Tillers

Spring Loaded Tillers

Spring Loaded Tiller: what is its function?

Trailed cultivators, also known as tillers, carry out an operation halfway between ploughing and harrowing, making the soil homogeneous and preparing it for sowing by reducing clodiness and grooves.
This machine is also perfect for surface cleaning of the soil, since it brings to the surface weed rhizomes and levels the seedbed. Indeed, these tools are ideal for stony and loose soils.
The spring loaded tiller, equipped with blades in parallel rows, allows overturning clods and a partial burying of surface stalks. Tillers for agricultural use on our website are divided in three categories: light, medium and heavy.

Light Spring Loaded Tillers

Light spring loaded tillers are used for ploughing and harrowing in order to prepare the soil for sowing. These tools are intended to uniform the soil and can be pulled by moderately powerful tractors.
Made of enamelled steel, they ensure sturdiness and convenience of use.

Medium Spring Loaded Tillers

Medium spring loaded tillers not only uniform, but also reduce soil clodiness and grooves.
They can be towed by medium-power tractors and other motorised vehicles.

Heavy Spring Loaded Tillers

As well as being more expensive than medium and light models, heavy spring loaded tillers are suitable for farmers who have to carry out demanding and prolonged operations.

What are their main components?

These are the principal elements that compose a spring loaded tiller:

  • The FRAME, i.e. a sturdy and reinforced structure;
  • The HITCH to connect the machine to the tractor;
  • The SPRINGS, which allow the blade to move backwards;
  • The BLADE, i.e. the main component;

Spring Loaded Tillers: How to use the filters?

Here is a quick guide on the different filters to use when purchasing spring loaded tillers:

  • First, as already seen, they can be divided into light, medium and heavy series.
  • A further important aspect to consider is the power required, which also varies depending on the type of tiller you want.
    Our catalogue includes models that can be suitable for powers ranging from 20 Hp up to 120 Hp.
  • Another important aspect to consider is the working width of the spring loaded tiller.
  • The number of ploughshares is also very important to take into consideration; this filter indicates the number of tines working the soil, varying from 5 to 11.
  • Finally, the presence of a reinforced frame, for much greater sturdiness and strength.

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