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Tractor-mounted Rippers for Soil Scarification

Tractor-mounted Rippers

Tractor-mounted Rippers for Soil Scarification: Purchase Guide

Choosing a tractor-mounted ripper often depends on the size of your plot. The ripper (or tractor ripper) is in fact a machine that, combined with the right tractor, allows you to work your plot (subsoiling or scarification) in an easy and effective way.
Subsoiling is often alternated with hoeing (which mixes the deepest and most inactive levels of the soil), both to save time and apply a soil fertility conservation technique; in fact, scarification allows a deep cutting of the soil, creating a long-lasting macro-porosity and good crumbling.

This technique gives structure to the soil, allowing excellent drainage and the consequent good development of the roots.

Due to the lower driving force required for a tractor-mounted ripper compared to a plough, the ripper allows working almost twice as much area as a hoe in the same amount of time.
The ripper function is particularly effective with compact, dry soil, allowing it to be broken up effectively.
Its peculiar working involves a reduced or absent alteration of the layers profile, resulting in a good macro-porosity of the soil, which will be visibly loose on the surface and marked by a series of small furrows.
All the machines in our catalogue are equipped with safety bolts on each tine, reversible and replaceable ploughshares, pairs of depth wheels and finned cutters.
Rippers can be divided in 2 categories:


Subsoiling basically consists of breaking up the compact layers of soil.
It is performed using the ripper, which is pulled by the tractor and penetrates deep into the soil, crumbling the clods.
This operation preserves the content of organic matter and micro-organisms in the soil, because with this process, the alteration of the profile of the layers is minimal.
Thus, subsoiling is one of the most delicate soil tilling operations, and it also offers different advantages to the soil, such as:

  • Increasing in useful space for roots;
  • Better soil permeability and aeration;
  • Increasing drainage capacity;
  • Does not leave the tillage pan, as ploughing does.

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