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Electric cheese graters - Multifunctional - Professional - Battery-powered

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Electric Cheese Graters

Grattugia Elettrica

Why should you buy an electric cheese grater?

Cheese graters are very popular for both heavy-duty and domestic use, since they are useful and easy to use. This small appliance allows you to quickly grate bread, cheese and other foodstuff.

The great advantages of using an electric cheese grater are:

  • product quality: you can choose what to grate, no need to buy bagged cheese;
  • taste: of course, freshly grated cheese is much better than cheese bagged several days before;
  • working speed: a regular cheese grater only takes a few second to grate food;
  • operator comfort: grating a large amount of cheese can be really hard.

To be considered good machines, electric cheese graters must comply with these standards, ensuring speed, quality and ease of use.

Electric cheese grater: things you should consider before purchase

Electric cheese graters in our catalogue can differ for:

  • TYPE: they can be battery-powered or electric.
    Battery-powered graters are much smaller and therefore less bulky, ideal if you do not have much space in your kitchen. These graters are called “benchtop” for their convenience, lightness and compactness. No cables means they can be used directly at the table while seated. If you want to purchase a battery-powered grater, you should consider some main aspects: battery life and charging time. Usually, a good battery has a running time of 90 minues approximately (equal to 1.5 kg of grated product) and charging times are medium-long, from 8 to 12 hours. Finally, another very important aspect to consider when purchasing is the ability to remove and replace the battery in case of failure. Of course, a removable battery can be replaced without buying a new machine.
    Electric cheese graters are usually more performing and efficient compared to battery-powered models. In fact, this category includes all semi-professional, heavy-duty and industrial machines designed for more intensive use. Bulkier and less practical compared to battery-powered models, the motors of these graters can reach a power of 600/650 W in heavy-duty models. Electric models need an electric socket, unlike battery-powered graters. Moreover, they are heavier due to the motor, which is larger and more powerful, and the materials used, often steel.

  • REMOVABLE DRUM, for easy cleaning.

  • GRINDING UNIT AND BODY MATERIAL: the parts of the electric cheese grater you want to purchase are fundamental. Of course, a machine designed and manufactured with materials resistant to the heaviest use will work well even after years, unlike products made with construction materials of lower quality, which instead will have concrete limits in terms of use and duration over time. Choosing a machine made of strong materials, such as stainless steel, die-cast aluminium or even hard plastic is also important for food safety, as they will deteriorate much slower than other poorer materials.

    Electric grater for bead: main categories available

    Based on the above mentioned features, you can choose between:

    What are the brands to consider?

    Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of electric cheese graters. As many other products, choosing a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should consider while purchasing an electric cheese grater - for both domestic and heavy-duty use - are:

    • Reber
    • Fama Industrie
    • RGV
    • New O.M.R.A.

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