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Electric grain mills

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The electric grain mill is the ideal tool to produce flour for animals feeding. The electric grain mills on our range feature hammer or blades grinders, or both the grinding types on the professional grain mills models. Many models allow to choose the grinding degree of the processed cereals. In fact. by changing the different size sieves provided, from 2 mm to 8 mm diameter per hole, it's possible to obtain more or less coarse flours. The motor’s choice is also important. We offer both single-phase and three-phase models, for the heaviest and most intense jobs. Our electric grain mills range also features more simple and user-friendly models that can also be classified as hobby use products. This kind of electric mills is ideal for a domestic use but, despite the materials they are built with are suitable for food contact in some models, they are not for food use or for flours intended for human use. Instead, they are suitable for small livestocks such as cattle, pigs, rabbits, chicks and similar. This kind of grinder mills also comes with the very useful feature of an built-in bin where the ground cereal is collected, making the job easier and faster. The sack collection, typical of the professional models, is more suitable for a separated storage, thus leaving the possibility to keep on working without interruptions. The hourly production can reach 250 kg/h on the most performing and powerful models, anyway productivity depends both on the cereal type and the sieve applied. For example, corn is more friable, hance allowing a larger hourly output than barley, which is one of the most leathery.

Grain mills for food use, are available in our catalogue in the electric grinding mills subcategory.
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