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2/4-Stroke Olive Harvester and Shaker | 2/4-Stroke Multifunctional Olive Harvester

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2/4-Stroke Olive Harvesters and Shakers

Abbacchiatori & Scuotitori con Motore a Scoppio

What characterises 2/4-stroke olive harvesters and shakers?

2/4-stroke olive harvesters are a very peculiar product range. They are essentially identical to battery-powered side-movement olive harvesters, but are equipped with an engine at the end of the shaft.. They feature 8 carbon teeth much longer than the average olive harvester with the same movement, combining power, effectiveness, convenience and versatility.

These products are therefore also suitable for harvesting on thick or unpruned olive trees, as they can easily enter the foliage thanks to their very long prongs and horizontal motion.

Remember that, because of the engine, the weight of these tools is higher than normal battery-powered harvesters with similar operation. The purchase of a 2/4-stroke olive harvester is therefore recommended if you do not want to use it intensively.

The most interesting aspect of some of these machines is however their multifunctionality. In fact, some models of 2/4-stroke olive harvesters can be transformed into brush cutters, hedge trimmers and pruners, with additional extension to reach high heights. These machines are therefore suitable for many types of use.

2/4-stroke olive shakers with hook , suitable to collect olives on every type of tree. These machines are designed to provide very high hourly productivity, as the hook shakes the branches and their fronds directly.
The olives fall thanks to the high number of vibrations generated by the hook and its extremely high number of cycles (forward/backward oscillations of 4 cm stroke). They are therefore particularly effective for harvesting well pruned olive trees with olives that are easy or medium in detachment.

All you need for Olive harvesting . A range of over 13 2/4-Stroke Olive Harvesters and Shakers at the best price sale on the online market.
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