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Steam Cleaners and Sanitizing Machines 

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Wide range of steam cleaners and sanitizing machines

All our steam cleaners comply with European safety, quality and energy class standards.
Steam cleaners are fundamental home appliances for those who have small kids or pets. In fact, thanks to the steam produced, these cleaners can kill 99,9% of germs and bacteria without using chemicals or aggressive detergents.

Sanitazing with steam: fast and easy operation

Some steam cleaners stand out for the excellent speed of use. In fact, they can generate steam 30 seconds after switch-on. Easy to handle and lightweight, very useful for your home.

Wheeled steam cleaners guarantee long running time, ideal for large surfaces.
Wide equipment available, these multi-tool machines can guarantee maximum hygiene on flat surfaces but also on vertical or difficult surfaces, such as:

  • Glass and mirrors
  • Showers and kitchens
  • Upholstery
  • Oven grills
  • Hard-to-reach spots like taps or slots

How do these machines work?

Steam cleaners are easy to use and effective, very similar to an iron. They both have a tank where water is stored, which then will go through a boiler which will heat it over 100° turning it into steam which will then sanitize surfaces when ejected.

Disinfection is a targeted intervention to obtain a minimum coefficient of infectious pressure reduction, equal to 5 log (99.999%).
It reduces the presence of pathogens to a concentration level below the danger level for animals.
*According to prEN 16615, PVC floor, Machine: SG 4/4 (Floor nozzle with slats, 30 cm/sec., max. steams pressure, min. VapoHydro) Germs tested: Enterococcus hirae ATCC 1054

Our catalogue also includes a range of electric steam mops, which sanitise floors thanks to the steam, without using detergents or disinfectants. This makes them the most eco-friendly tool for deep cleaning in your home.

Electric Window Cleaners

In this category you can also find some electric window cleaners which will allow you to always have spotless windows. In fact, once cleaned with the specific spray, you will only need to use the machine which thanks to a wiper, or squee-gee, and the vacuuming function will suction all the water present on the surface. 

All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 18 Steam Cleaners and Sanitising Machines at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2024 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from € 92.56 up to € 1,380.67