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Winches - Lifting Jacks

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Winches - Lifting Jacks

Winch - Lifting Jack

What is the function of a winch?

The winch was designed with the objective of reducing the pulling effort required to drag weights.
These tools are designed for dragging non-rotating objects only, normally at angles of about 45 degrees from the horizontal plane.
The field of application ranges from the forestry sector (hauling wood, tractor winches) to the leisure sector (loading unloading boats, hunting, etc.).

The great power, versatility, compactness and weight mean that this product can be used both in the professional and DIY sector.

Our models feature a powerful 2/4-stroke engine entirely Made in Italy, with modern design features and in line with the latest European environmental impact regulations.

Controls are via a throttle control knob, which is easy to use even for not expert users.
The tool is equipped with a rope guide to carry out the rope winding operation automatically.

What is the Loading Capacity?

The loading capacity of a winch is the maximum load it can lift and tow.
It is expressed in kilograms and the value always refers to the first winding of the cable around the drum, i.e. when the cable is completely unwound.
Very often the loading capacity figure refers to towing a load on wheels with the cable completely horizontal, so it is crucial to choose a capacity greater than the weights to be moved.

How are Winches operated?

Different types of winches are commercially available, and they can be operated manually or via a power source:

  • MANUAL WINCHES: The simplest types are manually operated and feature a limited traction capacity;
  • ELECTRIC WINCHES: They can be connected to a car or truck battery or to an electric mains, with a higher traction capacity than mechanical ones;
  • MECHANICAL WINCHES: Powered by a 2/4-stroke engine. They are the heaviest and most expensive but allow to be used continuously.
  • HYDRAULIC WINCHES: Connected to a hydraulic circuit that drives the drum. They must be installed by a specialised technician.
    They are reliable and high-performance, but also the most expensive on the market.

Winch gear reducer:

The gear reducer allows the force and speed of the power source to be adapted to a specific load.
The gear reducer turns rapid force movements into slow, smooth winding on the drum. Three types are available:

  • Direct gear reducer: For a fast winding;
  • Gear reducer with endless screw: Safe and sturdy but featuring a slow unwinding;
  • Planetary gear reducer: The most widespread, sturdy and at an affordable price.

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