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Tractor-mounted stone buriers

Tractor-mounted stone buriers

In the agricultural industry, one of the most occurring problem it the presence of stones or clods that make it more difficult to work the soil.
Precisely for this reason, the tractor-mounted stone buriers are widely used in order to prepare the soil for the sowing process.

What are they?

Stone buriers are machines that work the soil by burying any stones and residues, also on land not previously worked. These machines deliver the best results while working on the most compact and tough terrains, ensuring excellent permeability and bringing the soil to the surface with a refined grain size.
Engine main features:

  • The frame: The machine main structure is extremely sturdy since it comes into contact with debris and stones during the working process; for this reason, it is made of a double layer for added resistance. However, the front is the part subject to the strongest impacts, thus the frame is triple-layered;
  • The rotor: The rotor is the part that performs the actual tilling.
    It rotates in the opposite direction to the forward movement of the tractor, lifting the soil and pushing it backwards;
  • The mesh: A sort of rake that sorts the soil: the finer ones manage to pass through the grid, the grainier ones, the stones and any residues are blocked and dropped downwards;

The combined operation of the rotor and grid allow the terrain to be stratified, bringing larger materials to the depth and leaving lighter soil on the surface.


The stone burier enables to perform multiple functions with just one step: the terrain is tilled, stones are buried and the clods volume is reduced all in a single process, allowing time optimisation of the different tillage operations.
Furthermore, the stone buries ensure a smooth, well-worked first layer, ensuring the burial of larger material but also a higher quality of soil refinement.

The cutting system:

These machines' cutting system consists of extremely sturdy hoes with blades mounted on a central rotating shaft.
The hoes are evenly distributed along the shaft and can also be adjusted in height to best suit the different soils to be tilled.
While operating, the hoes penetrate the soil, breaking up the larger lumps of soil and levelling the surface; at the same time, they are able to remove any possible roots, also allowing the soil to be aired out and improving its structure.

Differences between stone buriers and rotary tillers

The main difference between stone buriers and rotary tillers consist in the central rotor: in rotary tillers it is equipped with round hoes an rotates in the same direction as the forward movement of the tractor.
The rotary tillers hoes break up and compact the soil downwards, differently from the stone buriers. In fact, as the soil is more compact, it becomes a barrier for plant roots, obstructing the crop from growing properly.

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