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Chainsaws ► 2-Stroke | Electric 230V | Battery-powered

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2-Stroke, electric or battery-powered chainsaws

In this category you can find 2-stroke, electric and battery-powered chainsaws by leading manufacturers.
Choosing the best chainsaw for your needs may seem complicated, given the wide range. That is why AgriEuro provides advanced filters to narrow down the choice to a few models.

A first immediate distinction between chainsaws is based on power supply:

  • 2-stroke chainsaws
  • electric chainsaws (230V)
  • battery-powerd chainsaws

  • Chainsaws for every need: which to choose?

    After dividing the machines according to power supply, we can divide chainsaws in two categories, depending on use.

    • Chainsaws for pruning: classic top-handle chainsaws for specific single-handed use, divided into two groups according to displacement:
      • lightweight chainsaws for pruning (18cc - 29cc)

        Lightweight, with small displacement, these chainsaws for pruning are particularly suitable to prune olive trees, fruit trees and other plants. They allow you to move fast and safely even on ladders to reach high branches.

      • heavy-duty chainsaws for pruning (30cc - 99cc)

        They are small and handy machines as well, designed to be used with one hand but particularly powerful. Chainsaws from Italian company IBEA are top-category for their weight/power ratio since their motors are made with the same technology of go-kart and ultralight aircraft motors. This allows excellent motor rpms both idle and under load. High torque even at maximum load.

    • Chainsaws for cutting or felling operations:

      Classic chainsaws for cutting and felling operations, large and powerful, with higher displacement, suitable for small cutting jobs but especially for heavier medium-large jobs, and for all those jobs that small chainsaws are not able to carry out. These models are divided in three large categories as well:

      • lightweight chainsaws for cutting operations (30cc - 39cc): ideal for those who need a chainsaw with double handle, small, safe and easy to transport. Suitable for amateurs or professionals who need a very light versatile chainsaw for cutting, these machines combine safety and firm grip. These chainsaws are suitable for pruning in your garden and for cutting small trunk trees.

      • medium chainsaws for cutting operations (40cc - 49cc): more complex machines which require more experience. Suitable for limbing and felling of small trees. Strictly require the use of both hands.

      • heavy chainsaws for cutting operations (50cc - 60cc): very powerful machines. Equipped with solid and ergonomic handle, to ensure a firm grip. They usually have a quick and easy system for mounting and removing the bar, combined with easy chain tensioning.

      All these machines are equipped with the classic double upper rear handle with throttle, which guarantees maximum grip safety, making them suitable for continuous use while performing cutting or felling of trees. Besides IBEA, there is a wide range of the best chainsaws by prestigious american brand McCulloch. The range of low-cost but effective 2-stroke chainsaws is completed by brands such as Einhell and Ma.Ri.Na. Systems.

    Bar type and length

    The bar of a chainsaw is the metal component that guides the chain. Of course, its length must always be proportionate to the work to do, also considering the motor power.
    Moreover, there are two types of bar carving and classic. This difference only applies to chainsaws for pruning, whose diplacement usually ranges between 20cc to 30cc. The carving bar is easily recognisable by its tapered shape at the tip and is specific for precision cuts, while standard bars has a more linear shape and a movable wheel at its end.

    The displacement of a chainsaw

    The displacement of a chainsaw must be closely related to the type of intended use and frequency of use. Large cuts require more power, while for small diameter cuts a handy and versatile machine will do. Remember that the displacement of a chainsaw is expressed in cubic centimetres (cc). These represent the available space (volume) for air and fuel in the combustion chamber.
    Displacement is closely related to the weight of the chainsaw: the larger the displacement, the heavier the machine. Horsepower, expressed as Cv or HP (1cv= 0.98631 HP), indicates the power of the engine. Remember that engines with the same displacement can still deliver different power outputs.

    Safety devices for chainsaws

    Besides means of physical protection (gloves, suits, safety shoes and helmet), the chainsaw is equipped with some safety devices, such as the chain brake. This stops the chain operation in case of jolting and is activated when the guard in front of the handle is pushed forward.

    What brands should you consider?

    Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of chainsaws. As for other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should consider while purchasing a chainsaw - both for amateur and heavy-duty use - are:

    • McCulloch
    • Makita
    • Blue Bird

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