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Snow Blowers

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Snow Blowers


When it is useful to buy a snow blower

Snow blowers were born when the constructing techniques of means of transport, although still rough, suggested the idea of using a locomotion tool to push snow on the street sides, to keep them accessible. The first snow blowers appeared in the United States in the 20s. They were pulled by horses and used wooden ploughs already equipped with the traditional front wedge.

Over time, motor development influenced this category of tools as well, making them popular in the most snowy countries.

Today, the market only offers high-technology snow blowers of different size and capacity.

AgriEuro offers a range of over 35 snow blower models small-sized, suitable to remove snow from driveways and rural street. Among our catalogue you will find the leading brands of this sector, ensuring excellent performance and reliability, fundamental for this type of operations, often uncomfortable.

How does the type of motor affect the performance of a snow blower?

The essential distinction within the snow blower category can be based on the motor type:

  • Petrol snow blowers: it is the most popular category thanks to the running time guaranteed by fuel, unlike electric motors that always need a power socket nearby. Among its products, AgriEuro offers a series of excellent petrol models, featuring all the power and reliability of Briggs Stratton engines.
    These models have different size and they can be divided in two types: walk-behind snow blowers, suitable for medium-sized areas with a low layer of snow; self-propelled snow blowers, the most popular ones, their different sizes allow them to be used in small or large areas. In medium-large models you can often find power-assisted steering for better handling, allowing wheels or tracks to turn so you can make curves.
  • Electric snow blowers: only suitable for low snow layers around your house since they always need a power socket, they are however the most affordable and user-friendly on the market. Low-maintenance and easy to handle, ideal for anyone living in places where snow is not particularly heavy, so a heavy-duty product is not necessary.
    Our catalogue offers both walk-behind models - very similar to petrol models - and manual models without wheels.
  • Battery-powered snow blowers: their size, features and performance make them very similar to electric models. However, the battery avoids all the problems linked to power sockets. Lighweight and easily transportable machines, ideal on snow layers not higher than 20 cm.
    The battery power ranges from 20V and 80V depending on the model, affecting their performance on higher snow and running time.
  • Multifunctional snow blowers: AgriEuro catalogue also includes some snow blower models that can be transformed into two-wheel tractors, power sweepers, leaf vacuums, scythe mowers, scarifiers, power barrows or snow ploughs. In fact, the wheels and a sufficiently powerful engine allow to use the machine body in every season, purchasing at a low price the other accessories, if needed.

More or less complex snow blowers for more or less heavy-duty needs: which to choose?

The snow blowers in our catalogue change significantly not only depending on the motor type, but also their performance range:

  • single-stage snow blowers usually very simple, hand-push machines. The small soft paddle auger greatly limits their power, so they are perfect to clean home driveways. The snow is collected by the auger and directly expelled through the adjustable chute.
  • two-stage snow blowers include the majority of the models you can find on the market. The large auger cuts the snow and channels it into the chute, which uses a rotating fan to push it out. These machines are suitable to clean larger plots, since they are equipped with gears to adjust speed, for greater power.
  • three-stage snow blowers are indeed the most complex machines. During first stage the two turbines, placed horizontally on the sides, channel the snow towards the center, where another turbine channels it in the rear part. This way, these products can work with different types of snow, even frozen. In the third and last stage, the fan inside will spray snow more than 10 metres from its path of passage.

Wheeled or tracked snow blowers: which is the best?

AgriEuro snow blowers also differs in how the machine moves.
Wheeled models are the most popular and versatile since they can be used on many surfaces with excellent results. These products can also work on slopes thanks to the snow chains mounted on tracks.
Tracked snow blowers are usually mounted by higher models. A larger footprint improves self-propulsion and it can perfectly adapt to terrain thanks to the flexible tracks. These machines guarantee excelent results even on uneven or gravelly ground, slope or flat. While some machines are designed with the classic 2 flat roller system, the more modern ones prefer the 3 triangle roller system.
All you need for Outdoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 68 Snow Blowers at the best price sale on the online market.
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