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Machines for Disinfection

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Machines for Disinfection 

Macchine per Sanificazione

What is their function?

Machines for disinfection are built to disinfect environments and objects, thanks to their atomisation technology which regulates their functioning, they allow you to effectively cover large areas.

This misting technique spreads microparticles of pressurised liquid, providing two advantages:

  • not leaving any residue on surfaces, due to the microscopic size of the drops, which will dry in a few seconds.
  • optimising time by treating large surfaces in a short time.

How and where to use them

Machines for disinfection are particularly suitable for offices, waiting rooms, classrooms, gyms, shopping centres, public transport and any space shared by many people. The recommended chemical component for the use of these sanitising machines is hydrogen peroxide, which is non-toxic, non-corrosive and extremely effective against bacteria and viruses. Moreover, treatment with this liquid does not generate the formation of organic compounds, degrading up to 99.99% in 20 minutes. 

Machines for disinfection and much more

These machines can also be used for small spraying and weeding operations with detergent solutions or water-based paints. Just fill the tank with the liquid, remembering that these machines cannot cover large areas such as machines specifically built for these operations. However, they are perfectly suitable for amateur work in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards and small-medium crops

Steam cleaners

Some machines in this category approach sanitising environments in a completely different way, using a steam jet at high temperature to kill all viruses and bacteria on surfaces. This means that these products do not need any special chemical products, as they only need to be filled with ordinary water. This type of machine for disinfection is undoubtedly less efficient due to its smaller working surface, but it allows more precise and specific work to be carried out and can be used without protection and in any environment.

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