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Tractor-mounted agricultural machines

Agricultural machine for soil operation

Tractor-mounted ploughs, furrowers and disc ridgers

In this category are enclosed all the tractor-mounted agricultural machines suitable for the soil operation and caring, such as: Tractor-mounted ploughs, Tractor-mounted furrowers and Tractor-mounted disc ridgers.

Tractor-mounted ploughs are certainly among the most frequently used tools in agriculture; they are used to prepare the ground for sowing by aerating and turning over the soil after the harvest season.

This procedure is known as ploughing. With this method, residues and weeds that could disturb a new crop are removed, and the soil, the most superficial layer, is loosened to facilitate the flow of nutrients.

Tractor-mounted furrowers

Tractor-mounted furrowers are used to dig furrows in the soil, allowing the sowing ground to be organised as desired.
They find wide use especially in sowing potatoes, other tubers and large varieties of vegetables.
They consist of an extremely strong modular frame, a variable number of ploughshares, i.e. the parts that dig the soil, and a three-point hitch, to connect the furrower to the tractor.

Tractor-mounted disc ridgers

Tractor-mounted disc ridgers are mainly employed for:

  • Preventing the growth of weeds;
  • Protect the plant stem from the bad weather and excessive sunlight;
  • Give the plant more space for lush growth;

It is attached to the tractor with a bracket and bolt system to allow easy removal of the machine. It has two discs at the base, which perform the work on the ground, and a classic three-point hitch for connection to the tractor.

The various tillage stages

The first stage for the soil preparation for sowing is tillage: this involves clearing the ground.
Then there is the preparatory work, such as scarifying and shredding the soil to remove weeds and working the ground to facilitate the passage of nutrients.
Finally, the work that is done when the plants are already in the ground, such as weeding and ridging.

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