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Dough Mixers

Spiral Mixers and Planetary Mixers

This category includes 2 types of machine essential for processing doughs and emulsions, both for private and professional use.

But what are the main differences between spiral mixers and planetary mixers? When it is necessary to use one and when the other?
Here is a short guide to their main features and fields of use.

How to distinguish spiral mixers from planetary mixers?

Often distinguishing between a spiral mixer and a planetary mixer can be tricky, especially for the less experienced users, so what should you consider in order to understand which of the two machines you are dealing with?

The spiral mixer is characterised by a hook that rotates on itself, allowing excellent results for bread and pizza dough, as its only purpose is mainly to knead.
The planetary mixer, on the other hand, is equipped with a hook that rotates along the entire surface of the bowl, allowing more ingredients to be added, and consequently allowing multiple preparations.

Which one to chose?

The choice of buying one or the other is mainly related to one's own needs.
A planetary mixer is usually more versatile and money saving, while a spiral mixer, on the other hand, is often chosen by small bars and businesses, both for its more professional appearance and greater features.
A further aspect that differentiates these two machines is their cost, which is higher for machines intended for a more professional use featuring higher functionalities. However, it is always advisable not to chose too low-end machines as they usually feature a shorter service life and tend to break down frequently.

Dough mixers:

As we have seen, a dough mixer is a machine capable of kneading a mixture of ingredients; our catalogue includes several models of dough mixers:

  • Spiral mixers;
  • Fork mixers;
  • Spiral mixers with plunging arms;

Spiral mixers are commonly used in bakeries and pizzerias, precisely because it is mainly suitable for doughs that need leavening.
Fork mixers are mainly used in professional environments for making pasta and brioches and more generally for all long processes that require a good amount of oxygen and minimal overheating of the dough.
Spiral mixers with plunging arms, instead, differ more easily from the models described above, as their peculiarity consists of its two arms that imitate the movement of the human arms, perfectly kneading the dough and producing very little heat, so as to achieve an optimal leavening process.

Planetary mixers:

Planetary mixers allow you to save time and effort when preparing dough or mixing other ingredients.
It does not take up much space, can be easily moved and adapted to different operations depending on the attachments mounted.
Due to its small size, however, its use is limited to small quantities of dough, making it suitable for small professionals or for premises with a limited need.

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