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Floor Scrubber Dryers ► Electric and Battery-powered

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Electric or Battery-Powered Floor Scrubbers: 


Floor scrubbers: what are they?

Floor Scrubber are specific floor cleaning machines for any king of material floor, going from the concrete flooring to linoleum. Floor Scrubber dryers by means of their rotating brushes and the cleanser and water spraying, guarantee a very accurate and deep cleaning, avoiding the effort of the cloths floor cleaning and the time needed for the floor to be dried.

Floor Scubber dryer: How do they work?

Their functioning is extremely easy and intuitive controlled by few buttons quickly selectable. The clean water is dispensed together with detergent and the rotating brush cleans the surface while two or more rubber squeegees collect the water to dry the floor. This operation is very fast and is free from any effort as the vacuum cleaning is. The equipment are not sweepers and for this reason the floor need to be free from residuals; this means it must be previously vacuum cleaned or swept.

The simplest and most economical models often don't have the dryer option, but only spray water on the surface while the brushes rotate.

Why buy them?

These floor scrubbers have a double function washing and drying the floor at the same time, thus being suitable dor any activity or shop needing to clean in a rapid and efficient way. They are also suitable for any household looking to get the maximum cleaning with the mimum effort.

Those which don't have the dryer function are specifically made for the outdoor. they are in fact perfect to keep you patio or drive way clean or any other surface which does not require a specific treatment. A perfect example are wood surfaces, in fact if you have a wood porch or poolside made in wood, it will be very difficult to clean with the classical mop, so this is the reason why this floor scrubbers are perfect for your needs. They provide an effortless job, by scrubbing the floor on you behalf.

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