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Tractor-mounted Potato Planters

Potato Planters

A tractor-mounter potato-planting machine is an agricultural tool that can significantly improve work productivity when planting potatoes, as it considerably saves time and effort compared to manual planting. It is basically a machine that can automatically plant tubers at regular distances and cover them with soil.

Every potato planter needs a qualified operator, who is not just a person who directs the machine in the correct direction, but must follow a precise working procedure:

  • First of all, the land must be ploughed if it is virgin soil, otherwise tillage will be enough if the soil is being cultivated regularly every year;
  • The furrows must be at least 40 cm high;
  • Fertilisers should be applied in the grooves of the furrows;

What are its advantages?

The main advantages of working with this type of machine are:

  • Minimal physical effort required;
  • Sowing time is reduced;
  • The furrows are made at the same depth;
  • Easy to use;
  • High performance;
  • Low costs;
  • Extended service life;

All major advantages therefore come from the use of a special piece of machinery that avoids manual work.

Types of potato planters

Tractor-mounted potato planters can differ in several aspects:

  • according to the number of rows worked: seeders can distribute tubers for one or two rows.
    The machine that can plant a double row of potatoes is obviously more productive, but its working speed is lower than one-row machines, and moreover, it requires operators with higher qualifications.
  • Technological process: There are machines on the market where the planting of potatoes is divided into two stages, first the tubers are placed in the furrows, and then the machine covers them with soil. There are also machines equipped with more powerful engines that can combine the two processes described above.

The working principle

The machines are generally equipped with a small marker which ploughs the furrows, the machine distributes the various tubers evenly while keeping a fixed distance between them, and the ridging coulter then covers the potatoes with soil.

In conclusion

Using a potato planter, the sowing work can be carried out quickly and without too much effort.
Typically, a one-row potato planter is more convenient for individuals with small plots of land, while two-row versions are more suitable for connection with a tractor or mini tractor to work on larger plots of land.

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