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Generators: explore our offer

Generators are machine that transform mechanical energy into direct or alternating current in order to feed electrical loads. Generators are essential if you need an independent source of electrical energy in places without stable electrical sources such as construction sites, isolated places, campings, or where electricity distribution fails due to failures or temporary malfunction (eg. blackout).

A first major subdivision, to choose the electric power generator is most suited to their needs, it can be made starting from the distinction between two main categories: the generators from 1500 revolutions per minute and those from 3000. With the wording " rpm "In the current generator means" rotations per minute ", meaning the engine number of revolutions carried out in 60 seconds.

  • Generators with 1500 rev / min (rpm) are meant for heavy jobs, for which is necessary to work for many hours;
  • Generators with 3000 rev / min (rpm) are the most popular on the market and are recommended for purely emergency, occasional or short-term use.

Generators: Buying Guide

You should choose your generator depending on how you are going ot use it.
There are 5 levels of use:

  • Limited: The electricity generator can be used for occasional work sessions and not prolonged .
  • Hobby: The generator can be used as a Work sessions are not too frequent and not too long (maximum of 4 consecutive hours) . In this category there are good quality generators equipped with a 4-stroke engine, whose size is between 1 and 7 kW of power.
  • Semi-professional: It covers those models that come close to the professional level , Especially in terms of performance and power (Most of these machines have a power between 4 and 7 kW). Although higher than those for hobby use these generators are not suitable for prolonged use, intensive and too frequent. Again it is recommended not to exceed 4 hours of continuous use.
  • Professional: Fall into this category of use all those machines which, in addition to the power supplied, are manufactured with technologies and materials that are suitable for a burdensome and heavy usage. A professional generator is a tool of high quality and reliability.
  • Industrial: In this case these are generators of very high quality and of great performance , designed to work intensely and for longer periods as in the case of industries, construction sites, businesses and more. Typically, generators with 15000 rev / min. fall into this class.

Among the factors to consider when choosing a generator is the voltage,which could be: single phase or three phase ; the first (single phase) are mostly used in a domestic environment, while three-phase are more suitable for heavy-duty-industrial use, delivering up to 380-400 volts and are used precisely in situations where it is required to feed machines with an absorption equal to or greater than 6 kW.

Generators: choose the right one for you

On our website there are four different categories of generator sets from which you can select the one that best suits your needs:

  • Inverter generators:  They are lightweight and easily transportable compact generators and are characterized by their inverter board that generates at its output a perfect sinusoidal wave, which guarantees a perfectly stabilized power, ideal for powering equipment with electronic boards such as PCs, TVs or modern appliances. GeoTech, GeoTech Pro and Powermate are the brands that make up this category.
  • Petrol generators: in this category we propose a 'very wide range of generators to use predominantly for hobby able to generate both single-phase current and three-phase up to more than 6 kW in power. These power generators have 4-stroke petrol engines and are compact and easy to carry. They can be purchased in a wheeled version, or with wheels and handles for easy transport, with electric start for an extremely simplified ignition or in the most economical standard version with recoil starter. Among the brands offered in this category there are GeoTech, Powermate by Pramac and GeoTechPro.
    professional power generators Pramac : These generators are the only ones not be produced in the East, they stand out thanks to Honda professional series GX 4-stroke gasoline engines and top quality alternators, produced by prestigious Italian companies, mounted on shock-resistant protective frames and not fully faired. These professional Pramac generators are characterized by high standards of quality and reliability are therefore recommended for heavy duty and professional use. 
  • Diesel power generators these generators are designed to ensure a low operating cost, thanks to the diesel engine which allows to reduce the hourly consumption. These generators silenced, fully faired, are chosen for residential use. They are able to generate both single-phase alternating current 230V or three-phase current at 400V and are available in standard version and with automatic starter ATS board (ATS device automatically starts the generator in case of lack of electrical current on the network). These group of generators are all equipped with an electric starter and are capable of producing current up to almost 10 kW.
  • Generators with automatic ATS electric starter: The generators of this category are equipped with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) in the event of detachment of the power are switched on automatically to provide users with the necessary energy.
    A gasoline or diesel the electric generator with ATS is designed to meet the varied needs such as: at risk of power detachment homes, surveillance companies, basements at risk of flooding, cold storage, etc. etc.

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