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Lawn scarifiers | Rakers

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Lawn scarifiers - Rakers

Arieggiatore-Scarificatore per Prato;

Lawn scarifiers: what is their function?

Lawn scarifiers are machines to aerate your lawn, that is cleaning the turf of your lawn by removing moss, leaves and the hard crust that forms during winter and prevents the grass from breathing or nutrients from penetrating the soil.

Lawn scarifiers work in three different ways: with blades, with free-swinging blades and with springs.
The blades, rotating quickly, penetrate the soil and scarify it, scraping away the residues that have built up over the winter. The free-swinging blades, working together with the fixed blades, create holes in the ground, important grooves for fertilizers and organic substances to enter deep into the soil to feed the lawn.
Blade systems are the most efficient because they not only remove everything deposited on the lawn, but also make small furrows that will help the absorption of fertilizer.
Lawn scarifiers with springs are easier to use, suitable for luxuriant lawns that only need surface cleaning. The springs scrape the surface without sinking into the ground, cleaning it from debris without affecting the soil. Petrol lawn scarifiers are the most powerful machines, suitable for large areas and heavy-duty work. This type of lawn scarifier and raker is mainly powered by a Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine and it is equipped with a rear collection bag for collecting the waste.

For smaller areas and operations, such as in a garden, electric lawn scarifiers are the most suitable. Equipped with rotors with blades or springs, which are often interchangeable, ideal for working on a small lawn with an available power socket near the working area. In all lawn scarifiers the working height can be adjusted depending on hardness of the soil.

Our catalogue includes lawn scarifiers manufactured by certified companies, renowned for their quality, such as:

Lawn scarifiers: explore our catalogue

The category of lawn scarifiers is divided in small categories depending on the product power supply, to satisfy several needs:

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