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Wine Grape Presses & Fruit Presses

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Wine Grape and Fruit Presses

Wine grape and fruit presses

Wine grape & fruit presses

This category offers a wide choice of the best wine grape and fruit presses available on the market. These are divided into 6 main categories depending on the intended use of the machine:

Small-sized Squeezing Presses

  • Small-sized presses, ideal for preparing eggplants preserved in oil but also fruit juices.

1-Speed Manual Wine Grape Presses

  • These are the smaller wine grape presses, operated manually with a 1-speed ratchet motion. These presses are suitable for small productions of wine and are recommended for a hobby use. Despite their small size, the quality of these models is always guaranteed by the production entirely made in Italy.

2-Speed Manual Wine Grape Presses

  • These presses are similar to those mentioned above, but the difference lies in the possibility to select 2 speeds, so as to increase production, making them suitable for a semi-professional or hobby use

Hydraulic Wine Grape Presses

  • These are the larger grape wine presses available in our catalogue. Thanks to the automatic motion, they are suitable also for big professional productions of wine. 

Pneumatic Fruit Presses

  • This category includes a range of fruit presses, characterized by a structure entirely made in stainless steel. Ideal for a juice production from 20 to 40 liters.

Fruit Hydropresses

  • Similar to the presses mentioned above but with a larger capacity ranging from 20 to 80 liters

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