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Electric Bird Scare Guns

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Bird Scare Guns

How do they exactly work?

If on one hand relentless urbanization kept many animal species within extremely limited areas and led many of them to extinction, it also provided a natural home for certain types of birds, such as pigeons. For this reason, there is a pressing need to find a solution to keep them away without causing them any physical or psychological harm.

Technology provided safe and effective systems to perform this task, among which bird scare guns: the only environmentally-friendly solution to date to permanently eliminate pigeons, sparrows, falcons and starlings from roofs, terraces and squares.

It is an electric device that emits harmless acoustic signals that keep birds at a distance, reaching an area of 3000 m².
Bird scare guns function automatically, you just have to adjust the volume. It is equipped with a photosensor that is only activated during daylight hours, from sunrise to sunset. The machine emits sound waves for 30 seconds approximately, at intervals that can be set according to the desired program.

Bird scare guns on our catalogue feature 8 songs and 4 different programs, each with a different sound depending on the species of bird you need to keep away.
All bird scare gun functions can be selected from the convenient rear panel equipped with LED display.

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